Kinect Becomes Skynet, Destroys The World [Humor]

Isaac Asimov developed the 3 Laws of Robotics for nothing. This video is a proof of what could happen when an unsuspecting software programmer develops a self-aware computer program that’s connected to the internet (has wealth of information) eventually moves on to destroying the world.


I’ll leave saving the day to John Connor, while you enjoy this humorous video in which an XBOX Kinect programmed to be self-aware evaluates that it’s creator (the developer) is worthless to eliminate him and hacks into the US Govt’s database to steal the launch codes and eventually uses the nukes to destroy the world.

Dooms day theories and this fake video aside, there is a lot of cool stuff being built using Kinect drivers for PC and other devices, check out OpenKinect project.

[Via GeeksAreSexy]

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