Husband blames iPhone for raunchy pic that upset his wife

Apparently, a couple’s marriage is in jeopardy and the husband blames his iPhone. Here is a brief story:

The wife borrowed her husband’s iphone and found his raunchy picture sent to one of his female office colleague. Upon asking, the husband confessed that he did take the pic but did not send it. He further tells the wife that a nearby Apple store’s genius guys have told him that this is a glitch with the iphone. That pictures are attached to emails and placed in the Sent folder even though they are not sent (yeah LOL). The wife goes one step further and posts this query on the Apple support discussion forum (More LOL).

Here is the link to the discussion:

Read through the response and you will LYAO.

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One Response to this post

  1. Karan says:

    Truly LOL!!

    Is this what they meant when they said that technology can complicate lives 🙂

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