AXIS Bank Lets You Trade From Anywhere, Even An iPod Classic [LOL]

So I got this email from AXIS Bank today advertising their online trading platform called AXIS Direct. What caught my attention was a picture of iPod Classic (the old non-touch plain vanilla one). I thought that maybe they are giving away free iPods!

AXIS Direct, Trade from Anywhere

But nowhere in the email did I find any mention of the iPod. And then it struck me. Right next to the iPod they say in a bulleted point “Trade from Anywhere”. Get it? Anywhere, even your old iPod Classic! Yes, AXIS Bank somehow let’s you trade magically from the iPod Classic which has no access to the Internet whatsoever.

Looks like AXIS went to Hogwarts for recruiting these year.

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Angad Singh says:

    What they want to show there is that their new service/whatever will be as simple or “magical” as an iPod. AXIS direct : trading :: iPod : music 🙂

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