Arguably The Best Advertisement From A Web Hosting Company [Videos]

There are so many reasons this ad deserves a look. One, it’s a TV advertisement by a Indian Web Hosting/Domain Registration company. Two, not only is it funny, the acting and direction are surprisingly good. Three, it is catchy enough to make you open the website and look what BigRock is.

Savitri Bai BigRock TV Commercial


While I found this commercial the best in all sense, they have other commercials on TV too. Here are the other ones that I like.

NutRaja BigRock TV Commercial


I guess all the double meaning makes it funny.

Happy Recovery Agent BigRock TV Commercial


As expected, people have started comparing them to GoDaddy already. But I hope they can deliver. From the little experience I’ve had with them the customer service isn’t good at all. I’d rather pick a boring Web Host that offers me better services.

[via BigRock’s YouTube Channel]

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