Untangle Space Out Pro for iPhone/iPod Touch [Review]

Untangle Space Out Pro belongs to the most popular genre of games on iPhone – the puzzle genre. While this genre is full of dated styles like Jigsaw Puzzles, once in a while you see some really interesting games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope that get you hooked and can challenge the brain. Although not an instant classic, Untangle Space Out is fun, challenging and one of the better puzzle games around.


Every level in the game contains some orbs and neon rays connecting them to each other (few interconnected nodes basically). What you need to do is to untangle all the overlapping neon rays. The overlapping rays are marked in red and as you move the orbs across the screen and position them in the appropriate place they go back to blue. The initial puzzles may seem easy but they get really complex and interesting as the game progresses. In between the games there are special orbs that burst and freeze. Tapping these orbs in time gives you bonus points.

The interface is a bit more complex than required but it never is a hurdle between you and the puzzles. The soundtrack is pretty good with lots of options. You can also use your own music if you want.

Like most Puzzle games there is a standard (Challenge) mode and an Arcade mode. You can also post your scores to global and regional Leader boards and be proud of your simple achievements. Also, since the moves are counted every time you solve a puzzle, you can keep coming back to improve your score.


  • While it’s not a major nuisance, the touch actions are not as smooth as I’ve come to expect from the iPhone. It feels like I’m using a budget Android device.
  • The whole Space theme doesn’t make sense to me. I wish there was a simple back story to get players more involved in the beginning.


If you love simple puzzle games that can actually challenge your brain and keep you involved in those short breaks, you’d love this game. You must download the Free version, it will get you hooked.

Untangle Space Out Pro includes 10 levels with 50 games in the Challenge mode Once you are done with them the Arcade mode has practically countless puzzles. The game can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99. Also available is a free version with 5 games.

Thanks to Apostek for the review copy.

PS: It may not affect your decision to buy, but I must say that this arguably the best Indian iPhone game I’ve seen.

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