Top 3 iPhone Apps to gift this Christmas

A Merry Christmas to woikr readers. Hope you’re having a blast. Incase you’re still looking for last minute presents. Here’re our top picks for this Christmas. here’s how you gift an iTunes App.

Cut the Rope
An absolute fun game with a great mix of physics and puzzles. In this excellent game, you would need to feed “Om Nom” the cutie frog with Candy. There’re interesting puzzles that you would need to solve on the way to collect stars and avoid the Eecky spiders.

CutTheRope1 CutTheRope2CutTheRope3 CutTheRope4
Ofcourse thanks to Chillingo, “Cut the Rope : Holiday Gift” is free.

Love to click and store each and every moment of your life on your iPhone? Think that iPhone’s default camera app doesn’t do any justice? TapTapTap has just released the Camera+2 application with tons of new features like Pic Info panel, New intuitive UI, New effects, New borders, post to Facebook and a ton of other features. Have a look at the new screen shots. Buying/Gifting this app is money well spent. Usually you’d have to use a ton of other application to achieve the same effects.

Camera 2 Camera 3
Camera 5 Camera 1

Fruit Ninja
Did you know that Ninjas hated fruit? This game surely convinces you that they do.
Ever got bored and wanted fun instantaneously, This is the game which pulls you out of boredom immediately. You get to chop fruits with your Samurai Sword (Which is your finger ofcourse) – Can’t be a true Ninja, atleast get to be a Fruit Ninja. Some ingame screen shots for you.

FruitNinja1 FruitNinja2
FruitNinja3 FruitNinja4

So got your gifts for Christmas this year?

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