The $1000 iPhone app

We finally have a proper iPhone app that costs more than a frickin MacBook! Yes, we remember the “I am Rich” app but let’s face it, it was only meant for show-off and lasted only a few days before Apple pulled it out.

BarMax was designed by Harvard lawyers to help law students pass the Bar exam. It consists of a full 2 month course including audio lectures, practice tests and more. As of now, it’s meant only for the California Bar exam but BarBri plans to launch the app for other popular states by the end of this year. In case you want to try before spending that hard earned money (duh!) there is a free trial version of the app.

And just FYI, the second most expensive app isn’t too far off. It’s a video surveillance app called iRa Pro and will cost you $899.99!

[via – Gizmodo]

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