iPhone 4 Case With Slider QWERTY Keyboard

Just for $70, Keyboard Buddy from Boxwave fixes the biggest problem Blackberry users had and still have with the iPhone. It adds a physical keyboard! The case basically contains a sliding Bluetooth keyboard that can pair with the iPhone 4 and act as the perfect onscreen keyboard replacement.

The keyboard looks good enough to type and has big wide keys. There are special keys for Home and Search so you don’t have to extend your fingers weirdly to reach the HOme button on you iPhone. The keyboard even has a CAPS and a Shift key but the Space bar (key?) is surprisingly small.

The cons? It makes your sleek, svelte iPhone gain lots of weight. It also becomes almost twice as thick and actually looks like a fat Blackberry. Maybe Boxwave is trying a bit too much to appeal to Blackberry switchers. Oh also since the case is Bluetooth based, it needs to be charged. It comes with a USB charging cable and Boxwave claims a 45 day battery life and provides the option to turn the keyboard off when you are not using it. But still, charging a case? It’s just too much hassle. And the iPhone keyboard is pretty good if you give it some time. Ask any Android user and they’ll confirm.

[via Wired]

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