iPhone Now Has 17.25% Market Share, RIM/Nokia Wake Up Now!

I am not a big fan of statistics or numbers as most of the studies/data are well sponsored by the private company which modifies the inputs to ensure the desired output. 
If you’re still not sure what I am talking about, see this.

As per recent stats, iPhone’s share is now 17.25% of all the smart phones and about 4% of all the mobile phones. As seen in the chart below the iPhone’s market share is saturated between 15%-17% in Q2-Q4 2010 below and Android now has 33% of the Smart phone market share. This isn’t a surprise to us what with many hardware companies like HTC, Samsung and LG endorsing Android and creating a great range of budget to fast phones.

We’re expecting to see a better competition in 2011 when iPhone5 comes out to challenge on the new features Android 2.3 has in place – NFC, 3D video recording a better antenna model.


While the definition of a "Smart phone" has changed rapidly since the iPhone entered the market, the veterans of the Smart Phone market – Nokia and RIM are yet to showcase how they can turn this thing around and be an important part of the smart phone race.

[Via Asymco]

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