iPhone firmware 3.0: What’s new?

The news about Apple inviting journalists to reveal features on the upcoming iPhone firmware 3.0 is all over the web.

As every one knows earlier iPhone 2.0 firmware brought lots of good stuff like the AppStore and MS Exchange support. So we’re expecting Apple to bring out something good this time too.

According to Apple’s invite for March 17th event, they’re going reveal the features so that developers can get started to work in the direction with the new features/SDK API’s released with iPhone 3.0.


Now, woikr composes a list of possible features and how best an application can use them.

Possible goodies in iPhone firmware 3.0

Push Notification – This feature was promised long back in September and Apple had clearly missed it. We’re hoping they stick to the promise and bring this out.
Having this feature would mean a ton to iPhone developers which would make the applications receive notifications by the ‘Apple Server’ even though the app isn’t running on the phone. A very common usage of one would be in terms of Instant messaging clients.

MMS Capability – Apple never admitted that the iPhone camera is good for video. But with third party software like Qik and Snapture have quite proved that the iPhone camera is good for the same.

Background Applications – This should enable other 3rd party applications to run in the background. Currently only the Phone and the iPod application can do that.
This comes with pros and cons of course. The positive side of which would mean the user doesn’t need to close the application. It’ll be always ‘running’. The negatives would also ‘phone out of memory issue’ or ‘battery draining’ etc. For the Jailbreak fans, Backgroundr is a 3rd party app which allows exactly the same.

The Wish list – which we hope gets shorter

Bluetooth Stereo & file transfer – There are speculations that Apple has little interest in support A2DP protocol but instead wants to build its own Bluetooth profile instead.
That said, for the jailbreak fans, the recently released paid application (4 Euros) called as iBluetooth does support bluetooth file transfers between devices.
There are people who’re trying to build or port bluetooth profiles to the iPhone.

Copy Paste – This was one of the most talked about feature of all time. Users have been cribbing about not having copy paste this for a while now. But the recent availability of hClipboard and Clippy fpr jailbroken iPhones have turned the table.

Flash Support – Adobe was always willing to bring flash to the iPhone but  Apple’s not. We’ve hardly missed it on most of the frequently visited sites. Thanks to good web design by having low bandwidth version without using flash.

Only on March 17th would we know what Apple’s Wish-Granted features would be. So stay tuned.

[Via Engadget]

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