iPhone CDMA is coming soon

Apple is rumored to announce the iPhone CDMA on Verizon networks as soon as February 2011, In the world of technology I’d say 2 months is a long period – with new phones with great hardware and software churning out every day and it’s a pain in the neck for technology bloggers as the inflow of gadgets is more than one can keep a track off.

iPhone - CDMA

But with Apple’s product cycle closing-in at June 2011 – iPhone5, I’d want to see iPhone5 CDMA rather than a year long old looking iPhone4 CDMA, the only difference is it would run on Verizon in the US or Reliance/Tata Indicom in India.

We don’t expect to see any prototypes at CES except for the announcement. May be they’ll only release the iPhone CDMA version along with the 3G iPhone5.

People in the US where AT&T had exclusivity with the iPhone can now rejoice and dance around the fire. Here in India – we don’t give a damn, get us the iPhone4 first.

[Via AppleInsider]

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