iPhone 4 coming to India through Vodafone

Now that the much awaited iPhone 4 is announced. The iPhone lovers (read “Apple fans”) in India are craving to get a hands on this baby. (Count me in there)

Vodafone has confirmed that it’s going to bring this amazing gadget to India in the coming months. Hope that’s soon.


We at woikr surely won’t wait for a year to own this (Call your friends in the US/UK/Europe to get you one). Start saving for this folks. It’s well worth it.

[via Pluggd.in]

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4 Responses to this post

  1. chandu says:

    There is some problem about microsim right, for personal imports?

  2. ifreak says:

    friends,, we do not get this thing (iPhone 4) unless we do not push our network provider to the edges of the mountain… so join the iphone india army now… lets bring our iphone 4 ASAP.,,

    Just do this… ” people whoever reading this message… call your vodafone customer care insist them about iphone 4?…

    if we do that then they definitely knows how is the fever is going on in INDIA.

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