iOS 5 devices to transmit album, artist and track data to bluetooth audio devices

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I use my iPhone 4 to listen to songs on my car’s bluetooth enabled music system. Its super convenient to be able to wirelessly transmit songs from the phone to the car’s audio system without the need for a cable. Also, it doubles up as a handsfree device when I get a call while I am driving.

A new addition to iOS 5 will be the ability to transmit artist, track and album data to the bluetooth audio device so that the screen can now show the track name, artist & album of the song being played currently. I am not sure if my car’s audio system is capable of displaying this data (I will keep my fingers crossed though), but there are many cars out there which do support this. Here is a video of Toyota Prius in action with the new feature:


[via 9to5mac]

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