How to make Push Notifications work on your iPhone 2G

What is Push Notification?

Basically it allows any app to notify you of any event using an SMS like pop-up, a numbered badge over the app icon or a custom sound. Apple explains it better here.

Why do you need it?

It’s an awesome feature that, for one, allows you to have a proper IM client on your iPhone.

How can you make it work on your iPhone 2G?

There you go:

  1. Upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0 and Jailbreak your iPhone if you haven’t already.
  2. Remove any Push-enabled apps that you might have installed. Some of the popular ones are AIM, BeeJive and reQall. In OS 3.0, they show up as a list in Settings->Notifications.
  3. Open Cydia/Icy, add a new repository with URL and refresh.
  4. Search for “Push Fix” and install the package.
  5. Re-install all your favorite Push-enabled apps.

That’s it!

What all apps can you use?

Mashable has a a pretty good list. Or you can lookup Push Notification on the App Store.

What about the battery life?

I’ll test it for a few days and update this area with my findings.

UPDATE: Turning Push notifications on sucks battery life like anything. In 13 hours of normal usage the battery went down from 100% to 20%. Even worse, the battery went down from 80% to 60% in 3 hours while the phone was in sleep mode.

I’ve disabled Push Notifications. So much for the effort. @Apple, this needs to be taken care of.

[via – iClarified]

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