Get a DefaultCase For Your iPhone For Just a Penny (Plus Shipping)


Did you purchase your iPhone 4 after September 30th 2010? You would have missed out on the free case program then. Worry not, DefaultCase is here.

DefaultCase is an awesome looking iPhone 4 (and iPhone 3G/3GS) case which is available for just a penny ($0.01) plus $3.99 as shipping charges. Its actual price is $35. However, the creators thought it would be a cool idea to pass on the money they were going to invest in the marketing of this thing to their early customers and let blogs like ours do the publicity for them. They were right.


Its actually pretty cool if you think about it. As per the initial reviews, the case is pretty good. And it also helps in preventing the deadly ‘Antennagate’ in iPhone 4 as the whole case is perforated allowing air waves to pass through.

Totaling at $4, I would say that this is a pretty nice deal for new iPhone 4 buyers. Currently, the case is only available for shipping in the US via USPS first class mail.

Interested? You can buy one from here:

Here is the official video from the folks at DefaultCase:

And here are some more images:




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