FaceTime to work over 3G in iOS 5?

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It looks like FaceTime might go 3G with iOS 5. Reports are coming in that Apple might leave it up to the carriers to allow FaceTime calls over their 3G networks. This is awesome news. Given how Skype has been down ever since Microsoft bought it to fuck it up, FaceTime might emerge as the new video calling standard on the move. 9to5mac has received the following screenshot which might point to FaceTime being available over 3G in iOS 5:

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FaceTime has been working on 3G using a hack available from Cydia until now. And we know that it performs well over 3G as is evident from this video below:


Given the awareness of the carriers in India on tethering and other advanced 3G features, I am pretty sure this won’t be blocked in India if it were to be available in iOS 5.

[via 9to5mac]

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