Transfer Photos From Your Camera To iPad [Gadget]

People have asked me multiple times whether they can transfer pictures from their cameras to their iPad. And every time I have to tell them that it’s a long process involving your computer or you need to buy Apple’s Camera connection kit that includes 2 different connectors for transferring from the camera’s USB cable or SD Card. While that seems to either satisfy or put people off (depending on the general Apple image in their mind), I personally never liked the Apple Camera Connection kit so much. I know it’s not that big a trouble but why would I want to carry 2 connectors all the time. Apparently there is a solution. And it’s pretty good!

MIC Gadget’s 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection kit all that and more in a 1 small connector. It allows you to copy photos over from either a USB supported device (Camera, Phone and even Flash drive), SD Card and even a MicroSD card. So practically it covers all the photo/video capture gadgets you have.

See the video ahead to see how it works, and to get a better approximation of the size.

For just $29.90 it’s a must buy for every iPad owner. It’s available in black & white both. You can buy it at MICGadgets.

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