The iPad That Runs Windows 7 [It Happens Only In China]

This is without doubt the best iPad clone I’ve seen. Not only it looks almost as good as the iPad, it also packs solid hardware inside. If it works as good as SoPhone, I’ll have to seriously consider buying one of these excellent knockoffs!

The iPad knockoff has got something that most fakes compromise one, a good display. The 9.7-inch capacitive LED-backlit IPS display is made by LG and looks excellent on paper. The internal hardware specs can compete with present day netbooks. A 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of SSD storage and, Wi-Fi. The fake iPad also has a in-built 3G and an iPad like accelerometer. The 3800 mAh is expected to run 5 hours on casual usage. Unlike fake also features a camera for video chatting.

I actually find it hard to call this a knockoff. From the pictures and the on-paper specs it looks like a decent device. After all even HP’s WebOS based tablet looks pretty much the same. The device is available for RMB 2500 in China (comes out to 380 USD or 17k INR).  It’s definitely not cheap but it may well be worth the price.

[via MICGadget]

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