iPad 3G working with BSNL 3G in India

Behold and rejoice people! The 3G model of Apple iPad works perfectly fine over BSNL’s 3G network in India. So all of you who were waiting for some confirmation for this can go ahead and buy it.

The speed is amazing. Browsing experience is similar to what you get over a broadband connection with most pages loading within 5 to 10 seconds max. Download speed averages at about 50 – 60 KBPS per second at minimum and go till 100 – 150 KBPS during off peak hours. Still less than 2 Mbps but way better than EDGE. Downloading apps and books does not take much time unless the app is > 15 MB in size. If you have a US iTunes account, you can download media directly onto the iPad over 3G. But beware as it may eat up your data bandwidth. Sadly, Pandora doesn’t work as it determines that you are not in the US based on your IP address.

Note that BSNL does not provide the micro sim which goes in the iPad’s sim slot. But there is an easy workaround. All you need to do is cut the BSNL sim to the size of the AT&T sim bundled with the iPad. Just place the AT&T sim over the BSNL sim (matching the orientation using the diagonal edge) and cut it using a pair of scissors. Make sure you leave the same amount of edge space around the chip as in the AT&T sim. See the image below for reference:

AT&T MicroSIM vs Cropped BSNL SIM

Here are the APN settings you will need:

BSNL 3G (yes, username and password are blank):

  • APN: bsnlnet
  • username:
  • password:

MTNL 3G (prepaid):

  • APN: pps3g
  • username: mtnl
  • password: mtnl123

MTNL 3G (postpaid):

  • APN: mtnl3g
  • username: mtnl
  • password: mtnl123

Just restart your iPad once you key in these settings and you should be all set.

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  1. […] 47 You won’t need to jailbreak it. Just cut the sim and you should be good to go: iPad 3G working with BSNL 3G in India | woikr And BSNL provides free data roaming over it’s network across India. Including over MTNL in metros. […]

  2. google guy says:

    Awesome.. Thanks for the info.. will it work for iphone 4 also ?

    • Swaroop says:

      @Google Guy,

      Theoritically yes, but do check back when we get handson the new iPhone4 and after checking it out (unlock procedure may hinder our attempts). But we'll try.

      • NIHAR RANJAN RAY says:

        I have set the SIM in Apple IPAD 3G , But how to activate the network ? Now the Apple IPad is showing Cellluar service. If the setting is done in mobile and sim set in IPAD will work or not ? plz help

        • Setu says:

          You need to set APN as "bsnlnet" under Cellular Data in Settings. Leave the username and password as blank and restart iPad (Long press standby button and slide to power off).

          You should be all set.

          • VB says:

            i have iphone3gs in chennai. Even after APN setting and restart, its not working. Any idea..

          • Major Bhushan says:

            I bought an ipad recently and was facing the same problem….your solution worked for me….Thanks a lot partner….Have a good day….

  3. So anything Cropped Sim cards,will work,all networks,provided its GSM.
    Great.Back to the board guys.
    This is one great mobile device.Waiting for camera though on iPad.Will love to do video chat using 3G anywhere.Imagine

  4. Vikas says:

    Hi. But does it work in Delhi? I hv the mtnl 3G card and it doesn't work with iPad in Delhi but works fine in OKHLA and noida where it must be shifting over to the VSNL network. Thanks

    • Setu Garg says:

      It should work over MTNL's Dolphin network in Delhi. I had a BSNL 3G sim from UP East which worked fine over MTNL's 3G network while roaming in Delhi. In fact, the speed was much better. I got around 100 KBPS over MTNL as opposed to 50 KBPS over BSNL.

      And Okhla and Noida are covered by MTNL. The Delhi cellular circle includes the satellite towns of Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon & Faridabad.

    • Arvind says:

      Hi vikas,

      I have identical problem as you have mentioned above. My iPad works fine everywhere except Delhi. Am based in gurgaon, it works fine there too. Have even tried in Mumbai, chennai, hyd and Bhopal. How did u get ur Delhi problem sorted out?

  5. amol says:

    can i use normal sim in ipad

  6. Jiss bobby says:

    Worked fine for me too…changes frm 3G to E wherever no 3G exists..but it definitely eats up battery fast. All I have done is buy top up time online.but is it different that I buy data plan

    • tina says:

      do you have any advice for bangalore's bsnl 3g settings on an mtnl 3g sim from?

      i have tried bsnlnet without username and password and with username and password of mobilenumber and with 91 prefixed to the mobile number. nothing seems to work.

  7. netnut says:

    what data plans are available with BSNL that would make the ipad 3G worth it ?

    AT&T in the US has changed (ie reduced) their data plans as the ipad does chew up a lot of network bandwidth.

  8. sandeep says:

    my ipad doesnt work with the bsnl 3g connection…have configured the APN to bsnlive and have tried bsnlnet too…Any ideas what might be the problem?

    • Setu says:

      What is the error that you get?

      • sandeep says:

        The error i get is " you are not subscribed to a cellular data service" but when i insert the SIM to a mobile handset, the cellular data works fine.

      • Setu says:

        Check if you have Data Roaming turned on under Cellular data settings. Turn it on and try again.

        You can also try restarting iPad (by holding the standby button for a few seconds and then slide to power off).

        Another thing that you can do is manually select the network. Although that should ideally not matter.

        Was it ever working before or is it a problem since you got the connection? If its a postpaid connection, you might have to get the data plan activated.

        • sandeep says:

          have tried all of that u have mentioned above.

          Nope it the #G has not worked ever though the wi-fi is working fine. it is a pre paid connection.

  9. sandeep says:

    have tried all of that u have mentioned above.

    Nope the 3G has not worked ever though the wi-fi is working fine. it is a pre paid connection.

    • Setu says:

      I am assuming you have done atleast one recharge for 3G data. 3G data recharge is separate and is needed to activate 3G.

      It might be due to incorrect APN. BSNL has different APN for different regions. For example, in North, its "bsnlnet", whereas in South, its "gprssouth.cellone.in".

      You can find out the APN from the 3G customer care.

      • sandeep says:

        nope i have done 3 recharges and for the east zone the APN is bsnlnet..but nothing seems to be working.

      • Setu Garg says:

        I had the same issue when I was on roaming in Hyderabad. I was getting the error "You are not subscribed to cellular data".

        Then the following solved the issue:

        1. Set the APN to "bsnlnet"

        2. Leave username password blank

        3. Turn on cellular data and data roaming

        4. Make sure the network selection is automatic

        5. Restart iPad (Long press sleep button and then slide to power off)

        In most cases, restart fixes the problem.

  10. Ramit says:

    I have a 3g ipad wid bsnl 3g sim bought nd activated in faridabad.. It works fine in faridabad and noida, two areas i tested, but no where in delhi.. At least no where in south or central delhi, from which, i count that it wont work in delhi.. It shows full network, but says cellular network not available.. Tried with all settings(restarting.. Roaming on etc.) but no help.. Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Any solution or is it that bsnl 3g data connection dosen't works in delhi at all..??

    • Setu says:

      It should ideally work in Delhi over MTNL's Dolphin network.

      You should contact customer care to find out if there is any issue from there end.

  11. Vishal says:

    Fixed the 3G sim in iPad,signals good on safari error MSG not subscribed to… Apn settings taken from customer care, restarted ,jst not workin in gurgaon…any tips APN gps3g usrname mtnl PWD mtnl 123 data setting on ……

  12. yusuf says:

    Please anyone help me.

    I am fed up with this bsnl card.

    I have a refill of 110 in it.

    i have the APN setting "bsnlnet" with rest blank.

    now even after restarting many times, it gives the same error in safari

    " Could not activated cellular data network _ the cellular data network is temporarily unavailable"

    now i tried contacting bsnl, and they are clueless about what to do.

    now what i noticed that the sim tries to send a sms, but as ipad doesnt support sending sms, it gets failed.

    this same sim works fine in any phone.

    Now can anyone guide me what should i do ???

    i am in mumbai

  13. netnut says:

    Have there been any successful 3G BSNL connections being made in Bangalore with the ipad ?


  14. Viender says:

    Hi, Iam Delhi based, i've got the MTNL 3G Sim, can you please help me how to activate data services on that. it is showing 3g on top & IN-DOLPHINE.

    while accessing it shows "could not activate cellular data services"

    • Setu says:

      Check this link for settings: http://mtnldelhi.in/dolphin/3g_booking.htm

      After you update the settings, restart your iPad (Long press sleep button and slide to power off).

      • Viender says:

        Hi, i am using the prepaid connection for the test purpose. under APN i use pps3g, username:- mtnl, pass:- mtnl123, but still not working, any idea. i bought this pad from uk recently. do in need to unblock somthing??? pls reply


      • Setu says:

        No. All iPads are sold officially unlocked from Apple. So you do not need to unlock.

        Did you try restarting the iPad following the steps mentioned in my previous comment?

        Once restarted, wait for a minute or two after the 3G icon shows up. It sometimes takes a while in registering the device on the network.

        • Viender says:

          i did all steps one by one. truned off the ipad after the apn configuration. & power on after 1 min. t is showing me the 3g icon with connectivity but still nothing is happening? any alternative?

          one more question… what mimimum balance is required for this, i've only Rs 14 as balance…

        • Setu says:

          In BSNL, its Rs. 20. Try recharging with a 3G data voucher this time.

          Check the table at the bottom of this page: http://mtnldelhi.in/dolphin/3g_prepaid.htm

          Were you ever able to use 3G on this number? If not, then you might need to check with customer care if you need to do anything to activate 3G service.

          • Viender says:

            I just went to Sanchar Haat (MTNL), they told me that 3G services will not work in IPAD for now, how ever the same card can run on iphone but only in 2g mode. because we can't disable 3g mode in ipad, so it'll not allow us to access to data services. Will BSNL card work in delhi if purchased…?? pls reply…

          • Setu says:

            That's bullshit. People are using MTNL 3G services on iPad in Delhi. And even if this is a relatively new (absurd) rule, did you ask them why they are doing this?

            I had a BSNL 3G sim purchased from Lucknow which worked perfectly well in Delhi on roaming. However, there are some users in the NCR region who purchased BSNL 3G sim from Gurgaon/Faridabad and were not able to use it in Delhi.

  15. Viender says:

    Can't say anything for Sarkari Kaam…

    • Vijender says:

      I i tried the same MTNL 3g sim, & it worked this time but under E, not 3G, even after APN setting done for 3G.

      if it is working under E (edge), can we use nay other sim as Airtel, Aircel or Vodafone etc.



      • Setu Garg says:

        Yes. You can always use it over the EDGE network of any GSM carrier.

        However, 3G offers much faster speed compared to EDGE.

        • Vijender says:


          Q1.I am using prepaid MTNL for now, as the sim workd under EDGE/GSM, can i change the plan to postpaid on the same number…or i need to buy a new postpaid sim???

          Q2. if i go on roaming, do i need to change the APN setting every time on different states.



        • Setu says:

          You will have to call customer care to find out if they allow migration from prepaid to postpaid.

          BSNL uses the APN "bsnlnet" all over India for 3G services. You might have to change to that on roaming. However, since the APN is same all over India, you will not have to change it in different states.

  16. Jaskaran says:

    I hav the mtnl microsim now n can I use it in my mobile again?

    • Setu says:

      You cannot use it in an iPhone (or any other phone which uses a SIM tray) but you can still use it in a normal phone. Just slip the micro SIM into the SIM card slot below the battery in the same orientation as you would slide a normal SIM. Make sure the 3 parts of the chip make contact with the corresponding parts in the SIM slot. I have been using the BSNL trimmed micro SIM shown in the picture above in a Nokia 5130 since the last few weeks this way.

      However, if this does not work out, you will need a micro SIM adapter. The other option is that you get a duplicate issued (report your phone as lost/stolen to the customer care).

      I think the latter option will be cheaper.

      • tina says:

        If you want to use the cropped sim on your Iphone temporarily, you can just stick it to your sim tray and it will work fine.

        Just take a piece of cellophane tape and fold it so that you have sticky sides outside. stick it to the back of the sim and then stick this to the sim tray. You need to align it right, the gold chip part of the sim should be around 2mm from the bottom and left edge of the sim tray.

        If you want to use it permanently on your Iphone and never again on your Ipad, then it is best to ask MTNL for a replacement sim. It shouldn't cost you much.

  17. gautam says:

    i've been using an MTNL 3G prepaid sim on my iPad in mumbai. i've bought a recharge coupon. how do i punch in the code to recharge it as the iPad doesnt have any keypad to dial numbers and send?!

    • Setu says:

      You will have to put it in a phone and then punch the recharge code. In future, you can get it recharged from an agent who can do it from his mobile. Avoid recharging online because it might credit the amount to your voice balance (it happened to me with BSNL).

      Actually if the carrier supports it, you can check balance and recharge from an option under settings. This is available with AT&T and other official carriers. Sadly, I do not think any Indian carrier supports it as of now. I think we will have to wait for iPad's official Indian launch to see if they support it.

  18. Babu says:

    Can any body tell me that can we use apple ipad for making calls or sending sms.. If not what will happen wen v get the call ven v r using ipad … And is this legal using 3g in ipad through bsnl …is there any unlocking code for ipad wen v r buying it frm us like i phone…

    • Setu Garg says:

      No you cannot use iPad for making calls or sending SMS. It only supports 3G data.

      Nothing will happen when you get a call or receive an SMS. You will not hear any ring or alert.

      It is completely legal to use the iPad with BSNL (or any other) 3G network in India. The iPad is sold officially unlocked from Apple and you are free to use any carrier of your choice.

      No unlocking code if required. I bought mine from US and it works perfectly fine out of box in India over BSNL 3G.

      • Rakesh says:

        Hi Setu,
        I just bought a BSNL 3G pre-paid sim card in Bangalore, activated through a normal phone, cut it in size and is recognized by my iPad.

        I did the APN settings as bsnlnet and also tried with gprssouth.cellone.in but none seems to be working. I restart the iPad but it continues to give me the message that I'm not subscribed to cellular data services.

        I've the data roaming on, cellular data on.

        Can you help with some more pointers. My iPad screen shown cellone 3G, so it is certain that the SIM is recognised.

        Thx, Rakesh

        • Setu Garg says:

          Can you see if you can access any site over 3G using any other 3G phone?

          If it is working there, then you probably need to be patient when using it for the first time in the iPad:

          1. Set APN as bsnlnet and leave username and passwd as blank.

          2. Enable cellular data roaming.

          3. Restart iPad (long press the sleep button and slide to power off).

          4. Switch on the iPad and wait for 3 – 4 minutes after you see see the 3G logo. This time is needed for the device to register on the network and get an ip address.

          5. Open Safari and try accessing http://www.google.com. It should ideally work.

  19. arvind says:

    Dear sir,

    I want to use 3G ipad sim card but this sim is not availeble when & where is availeble this sim card

    please give me details

  20. sushma says:


    3g jadoo

    network shows as IN-DOLPHIN E

    NO 3G symbol

    internet is very very slow

    i think it is working on 2G

  21. DEEPAK GOEL says:


  22. Uma says:


    My dad purchased an ipad form USA. He has got a BSNL postpaid 3G card. After cutting it and putting it in ipad, he gets the message 'no sim'. Can you please help?

    • Setu says:

      You probably cut it wrong. Compare your cropped sim with the one in the image above. If the chip is too close to the edge, it might not work.

      You can get a duplicate sim and try again.

    • Ashwin says:

      Hi Guys ,

      I cropped off my micro sim correctly and still it showed " no sim " i went to the internet and found some useful tips and it worked. I tried switching off my ipad inserted the sim and switched it on , it just worked. Its all set now. Try it out!!!

  23. yusuf says:

    I just activated my 3G in my ipad , Now i will guide the people having problems.

    Now this is a guide for people with IPAD in MUMBAI.

    1st DONT BUY A BSNL 3G card !!!! (it doesnt work)

    Buy a MTNL 3G card. it will cost you Rs.101 and a rechage coupon will be given to you with it of worth Rs.91

    Documents need for taking the card is 1 copy of id and address proof and 1 COLOUR photo

    NOW DONT CUT your sim card now. You need to do few things before doing this.

    Now put this in a phone and activate your no. by dailing on 400 and restarting your phone. (now my no. got activated the next day. I tried dailing 400 on the same day i purchased the sim but it didnt get activated, so please be patient this is MTNL ;), ok )

    Now recharge your account with the recharge card you got with the card.

    You will get a balance of Rs.41

    Now, call on 1503 and then 3 for english , 1 for information and then 5 for 3G.

    tell the guy that you want your 3G activated and need the 3G setting for your phone.

    they will tell you they will send it to your phone automatically via sms, i waited for these sms 1 day but it didnt come, so my advice do the setting manually your self, and then check that 3G is working in your cell phone.

    He will guide you on how to do it manually.

    Now, Get a refill for your card of MTNL 3G, i got one Rs. 250 with 500mb usage.

    now refill this card in ur ac, you will get an adittional Rs.14 balance in ur ac, this meen that the card got recharged.

    Now , check your 3G is working in your phone. Go to Settings, Phone setting and then network setting and select network UMTS , now if your net works now, it means you are on 3G.

    Now cut your sim card , now the mtnl card is wide, so u will need to cut it off with care and very closely to the metal chip.

    Fit it in the sim tray of ipad.

    now do the settings.

    APN: gprsppsmum

    USERNAME: mtnl

    Pass: mtnl23

    now restart it 2-3 times and each time check in safari if 3G is working

    I had to restart and try 3 times, after that with the same above setting 3G started working perfectly !!!!!

    Now i waited 1 day for my no. to get activated, and the 1 day for the 3G to get activated (they wont give you the setting untill its activated .)

    then next day for the automatic settings to come to me,

    the next day i did the saettings manually and the 1 day i checked the 3G in my phone properly.

    the next day i cutted the sim card, and activated the 3G in my ipad.

    so GOOD LUCK and

    EnJoY !!!!

  24. Viji Nair says:

    Hi Yusuf,

    I have an MTNL 3G Dolphin Prepaid Card. I have done the same steps, but no luck. The iPad keeps complaining as follows:

    "you are not subscribed to a cellular data service"

    Any suggestions?



      • Viji Nair says:

        I have done the same steps…but not working on iPad.

        I have received the setting for my Nokia E63, it is working.

        I could see from the connection setting (of Nokia E63) that they are redirecting the internet requests through a proxy. So, how can we connect to the internet without a proxy setting on iPad. For the cellular data connection iPad is not providing any option to specify a proxy server and port.



      • Setu Garg says:

        If its working on Nokia E63, it should ideally work on the iPad as well.

        Make sure you have configured the APN properly. Try restarting it a few times.

        After restarting, wait for 3G icon to appear and give it 2 – 3 mins before you open Safari. It takes some time for the device to register on the network and this time is pretty long with MTNL and BSNL networks.

        Try opening google.com. Be patient. MTNL and BSNL have very high latency. Sometimes, it takes 10 – 15 seconds for the DNS to resolve the domain before it starts loading up.

        • Viji Nair says:

          Is there any issues specifically to "Dolphin MTNL Prepaid Card"?

          Can you guys specify which SIM you are using, Dolphin OR Trump?

          Nokia E63 is connecting via proxy. I am not sure how the same will work on iPad until unless the MTNL guys forward all the request to the "gprsppsmum" APN to the proxy server:port

        • Setu says:

          There should be no issue. Dolphin and Trump both use the same network. The only difference is that dolphin is postpaid and trump is prepaid.

          I used the BSNL sim on the MTNL network and it worked fine.

  25. Prasheen says:

    Hey folks,

    I am staying in Uttarakhand – Almora. Does anyone know if there is a plan that would allow me to use 3g here?

    Also, would I be able to subscribe to BSNL's blackberry plan? or would it have to be a separate 3g plan?

    ANY help would be welcomed.


    • Setu Garg says:

      Currently only BSNL and MTNL have 3G services. You will have to reach out to them to find out if they offer 3G services in your area.

      You do not need the blackberry plan to use internet on your iPad. Blackberry plans are only for blackberry phones. If 3G services are available in your area, you just need a 3G data plan on your number.

  26. Robert says:

    Hello All,

    Any one has an idea on what setting we have to make on the iPAD (cellular settings) to make it work in Bangalore. All the above queries are only for Delhi / Mumbai.

    • Setu Garg says:

      As far as I know, BSNL 3G settings are same across India. However, you should call the customer care and find out.

      Here are the all India settings for BSNL 3G:

      APN: bsnlnet



      Yes, username and password fields are to be left blank.

  27. K subramanian says:

    Have there been any successful 3G BSNL connections being made in Chennai with the ipad ?

  28. Piyanka says:


    I just got a 3G ipad here in Mumbai- bought the prepaid 3G BSNL sim, set it up and all but im unable to access the internet. How do you get the data service activated without sending an sms? please help

  29. Chris says:

    Hello all,

    I'm still trying to see if there is anyone in Delhi who has an MTNL prepaid SIM working in the iPad. I am about to cut one to try it.

    For info, I have had the same problem – message that "you are not subscribed to a cellular data service" with an unlocked iPhone in Delhi. EDGE works fine when 3G is shut off, no data service when 3G is switchd on.

    However, recently (last week or so), I have been able to get, for some reason, my iPhone to take the 3G signal (download speeds of 200 to 500 Kbps) in South Delhi, not sure why, and so was hoping that the same towers would bring me luck with the iPad.

    As for why MTNL would have this policy, I suspect (given what MTNL told people above) that they have agreed to not let iPhones onto their 3G networks. Reason being agreement with Airtel and Vodafone as the official carriers, although what MTNL gets out of it, I can't understand! Perhaps some national or world-wide agreement of a consortium of carriers to respect each other's locks and prohibitions (eg some countries' SIMs do not work in India). As for blocking this on an iPad, that baffles me even more! I can't imagine a carrier lock on the things when they are to be sold in India?

  30. Chris says:

    I might also add that I have had difficulties getting Airtel and Vodafone SIM cards to work in the iPhone as well, even on Edge. Apart from the APN entry problem, which can be overcome, they seem to want to block access to iPhones not officially sold through them. Which makes me wonder whether putting their SIMs in iPads, when they launch 3G service in the coming months, will work. I fear that they will block out all iOS devices, including the iPad. I also worry that factory unlocked iPhones will have the same experience.

    I remain baffled by the differences in BSNL, VSNL and MTNL policies and their implementation!

    Has anyone successfully put an Airtel or Vodafone SIM (on Edge) into the iPad (in Delhi)?

  31. Leon says:

    Just for people. Got a BSNL 3G in Kerala and cut it. Works fine and have used it for roaming with no problem. Would anyone here know how to check the balance on this. Am sure there is a website for it ..but where data.bsnl.net.in does nto seem to work. BSNL said that put it in a cell phone and it will tell you the balance..but then..I obviosuly cant do THAT now πŸ™‚

    Anyone can help?

    • Setu says:

      You can use the microsim if you have nokia or any other phone which has a sim slot behind the battery. Just insert the sim in the slot so that the chip is in contact with the corresponding 3 contacts in the sim tray.

      Also, let us know if you find that website to check balance :).

      • Chris says:

        I did exactly that today and it works. By the way, you may also recharge by calling 98 6819 9900 from any phone, assuming you know your SIM's mobile number (it was on the package of the SIM card). I think they don't tell you the balance left, but at least you can theoretically recharge without taking out your SIM if you're worried about it.

  32. Chris says:

    And, for information, my MTNL 3G (prepaid) SIM is now working in South Delhi (using it near Mathura Road) in an iPad! Steps were:

    1. Get an activated MTNL SIM.

    2. Activate the 49 Rs "lifetime validity" card (*400# [16 digit code]#) in another mobile phone.

    3. Top up (same #400 procedure as step 2), either with regular Trump or with Jadoo-specific.

    4. Cut the SIM

    5. Enter the APN data

    Then test it!

    • Setu Garg says:

      Thanks for these steps Chris! Appreciate it :).

      • Chris says:

        Sorry for cross-posting from another site, but here's a bit more information

        1. Balance checking for the amount of data left on a prepaid MTNL SIM using 3G is best done, I think, by putting the cut sim into another phone, such as a Nokia. Dial *400# (sending request), and you should receive 2 SMS messages back within a minute. The first SMS gives "talk" time remaining and end date, the second gives the volume in bytes remaining (and video call time remaining, for what it's worth). To receive such information in the second, of course, you will need to have topped up with a 3G Jadoo card. If you call 444 instead, you don't receive the information about data left, although you get all other information (including a mistake in the transcription of minutes to seconds on the video call time left).

        2. The price per MB seems the same for Postpaid and Prepaid 3G top ups.

        3. Delhi MTNL's site says that there is no extra roaming charge for getting onto related networks (BSNL or MTNL Mumbai) for postpaid, but it provides no information about prepaid. I'm guessing the answer is the same for prepaid, though. Can anyone confirm?

        4. At the low end of 3G Jadoo top-ups, there is not much advantage in using a top-up card (around 1.3 MB per rupee) over the "regular" top up card rate of 10 KB per paise (which is 1 MB per rupee) which can always be used for 3G service as well. The amount of MBs per rupee changes significantly as you go up, to eventually 10 MB per rupee, and of course "infinity" at 1800 Rs.

        5. Wow, does 3G draw battery power from the iPad, much more than video or graphics use! It's still a fantastic battery, but 3G drains more than I had thought, it would.

  33. mehul says:


    this is mehul here

    i am using an apple i pod

    i just want ot know that which plan of bsnl u r using for internet usage

  34. Prasheen says:

    Pleased to say that I'm sending this from my iPad! No wifi!

    I opted for Bsnl's Rs 274 unlimited 2G plan (3G is not offered in my area)

    For cutting the sim, there's some great pics of what a final cut should look like. Here:


    I just have a question for anyone else who may be going the 2G way…

    Has anyone used the same BSNL plan? Anyone encountered any issues with the plan. Basically I just hope I don't wind up with some excess usage fee and the end of the month. I've heard of failed BSNL "unlimited" schemes in the past!

    But otherwise. Reasonable speeds for simple usage. Especially considering I'm in the Himalayas!

    • Setu Garg says:

      In my experience, BSNL doesn't deduct the usage at all. I recharged with .5 GB 3G voucher and I used up much more than that. I had to recharge only to increase validity.

      It was in Lucknow.

      • Kartike Sachdeva says:

        but how it is possible to use 2g internet on ipad?? if possible then would i be able to do the same with my 2g bsnl sim and then use it on ipad??

        • Setu Garg says:

          You can use your iPad with 2G networks as well. Insert a GPRS enabled Airtel sim and you should be all set to surf the web at 2G speeds.

          • Kartike Sachdeva says:

            What is the difference between gprs enabled and gprs disabled??If i buy a new airtel 2g sim and activate internet on it then will it be gprs enabled or gprs disabled??And will I be able to use it on ipad smoothly??

          • Setu Garg says:

            Yes. Once you activate internet, it will be GPRS enabled. And yes, you can use it with iPad.

          • Kartike Sachdeva says:

            and what settings will i have to use if I put 2g Sim of airtel ??Whats the difference between gprs enabled and gprs disabled?

          • Setu Garg says:

            Usually it works as is. However, if it doesn't, use the following settings:

            APN: airtelgprs.com



            (Yes, username and password are blank).

            A GPRS enabled sim is one on which you have activated the internet facility. A disabled one is the one on which you haven't.

          • Kartike Sachdeva says:

            what settings will i have to put in 2g gprs enabled airtel sim in Ipad like we have to put

            APN: bsnlnet



            for bsnl? πŸ™‚

          • Kartike Sachdeva says:

            thanks…… πŸ˜€

          • Kartike Sachdeva says:

            i ll get new ipad in march so inquiring about it before. thank you .. do you have any idea when new ipad will be launched??

  35. Piyanka says:

    Hi, I'm on roaming in Delhi with the bsnl sim and all I did was type bsnlnet in the apn settings and left the rest blank.

    Works flawlessly..!

  36. Piyanka says:

    Hi, I’m on roaming in Delhi with the bsnl sim and all I did was type bsnlnet in the apn settings and left the rest blank.

    Works flawlessly..!

  37. Bsnl says:

    I've a bsnl 3G which was working fine. Now I'm roaming in Mumbai, it shows up Dolphin. After reading Yusuf's info, I changed APN settings, but no luck. Any suggestions?


    • Setu says:

      You do not have to change the APN on roaming. I was able to use 3G with BSNL's APN in Delhi.

      Just restart your iPad and give it a few minutes to register with the network and you should be all set.

  38. gaurav says:

    hi guys

    please help ! i have bought a new ipad and now need to activate 3g with a sim card. i have my work place in delhi and my residence in gurgaon and also i keep travelling around north india often , please suggest whether i shud go for a MTNL 3g sim with roaming or BSNL 3g sim with roaming. which one is better.


    • Setu Garg says:

      It doesn't matter as data roaming is free in both all over India. Both are same as BSNL uses MTNL's network for roaming in metros and MTNL uses BSNL's in other parts of India. In general, in metros, you will get better speed compared to other areas. But that is irrespective of BSNL or MTNL.

      Since you live in NCR, it might make sense for you to go for MTNL.

      • gaurav says:

        thanks a lot, i bought an MTNL 3g trump sim on saturday, but it didnt work in my iphone. after repeated trials i understand that my i phone is locked by airtel to only airtel sim cards. therefore immediately i put it in my nokia phone and it was perfect.

        its been smooth sailing, easy activation and then some careful cutting and my ipad accepted 3g sim in the first go.

        did the settings you guys had posted for apn and its cool.

        thanks guys a lot.

        god bless all



  39. gaurav says:

    now, could you guide on how to play flash sites on ipad.

  40. […] soon as I got my hands on it, I inserted my BSNL 3G sim (which I have been using with my iPad 3G) into the phone and configured the APN. And as seamlessly as apple can be, I was able to browse the […]

  41. omm says:

    For all those guys for whom bsnl 3g internet is not working the best solution would be to google and download iphone configuration utility.more info at mailomm@gmail.com

  42. venkat says:

    Dear sir ,

    i have i pad and basnl 3g sim i want to know how to activate the 3g service please advice me

  43. Piyanka says:

    Hi, iv been trying to get the ipad working on the bsnl 3g network but no luck. I am in Mumbai and apparently 3g prepaid network is down but they say it should be ok after 19th. Is anyone having the same problem? If not what am I to do.? It works on edge but not on 3g.

    Any suggestions are welcome.


  44. abhinav miglani says:

    hi, i m planning to buy an i-pad wifi + 3g – 32 gb.i have a bsnl 3g sim card working in my phone,,,,will this work on i-pad?

    i m in jalandhar , punjab…………..plz help me!

  45. Kartike Sachdeva says:

    How to check the data used and the data left after using BSNL 3G .Do the send a message??Does is appear on iPad?

    • Setu says:

      You cannot check it from the iPad as it cannot send or receive text messages. You can insert the sim in a phone and then dial *123*6#.

      There is a jailbroken app available for iPad which can enable you to send and receive SMS and MMS. But you will have to jailbreak your iPad for that which will void your warranty.

  46. […] SIM cards only. Although we have been cropping the mini SIM cards in India and using them with iPad and iPhone 4, many people are still hesitant to do that and are waiting for an official […]

  47. Kartike Sachdeva says:

    Are the settings for both bsnl 3g and 2g the same??

  48. Prasheen says:

    Hmm. I could have sworn my card was a 2g card. In any case… I had activated the unlimited 2g plan for 274 rs (only). But now i am roaming out of uttarakhand and noticing 3g.

    Any chance i should expect a bill from bsnl or is this just some mysterious chance that im seeing (and receiving) 3g speeds?


  49. Jamsheed says:


    I am planning to get an IPAD 3G from the US. The apple store there said it wont work in India as the frequency is for AT&T which is 850 and 1900Mhz while in India it is 900 and 1800Mhz that is used. Hence someone was suggesting to take it from Singapore or Hongkong. Please guide if that is an issue.

    Also will it work on Edge on Aircel network prepaid unlimited gprs plan of Rs.98/-.

    Many Thanks!

  50. Suresh says:

    Here is a link to the official BSNL document for APN settings. Will be useful for someone who need it. Includes Iphone/Ipad as well. http://karnataka.bsnl.co.in/3G/apnmobile.pdf

  51. Servesh Gupta says:


    I have purchased a BSNL 3G sim card for my iPad and have also tried the APN settings but every time I start using it says that my ipad is not connected to the internet. Though it is showing up the service provider on top left corner of ipad. Please suggest.

  52. Servesh Gupta says:

    Another Query.

    When I am restarting my Ipad it shows a page saying Requesting Handset Configuration and bottom of the page it says accept or dismiss. If I accept it says your sim sent a text msg and then another page pops up and says temporary error and after that the internet doesn't work and if I dismiss at the first stage it doesn't work any ways.

    Please suggest

    • Sudha says:

      Hi .. I too get the same error. did you find any workaround for this ?

      • Sai Kiran says:

        I too get the same error but it is no way related with the internet connectivity of iPad. If ever your balance gets below Rs.50, then the GPRS services in your iPad gets locked. If u could not connect to internet even through a phone with APN:bsnlnet then contact a BSNL service center and they will unlock your GPRS services. Reinsert your sim in iPad and enjoy surfing. Make sure your balance doesn't get below Rs.50.

  53. anurag ashok says:

    1. You cut the sim correctly if after inserting you get the signal.

    2. go to cellular data and enter apn gprsppsdel and username mtnl. leave password blank.

    After sometime, safari will work fine.

    The above is for mtnl, for Bsnl, just insert the sim in nokia 3g phone and activate before cutting. the phone will receive gprs settings which you can note down. then follow steps above.


    • Gurpal bal says:

      I m traveling to india from canada in dec,2010
      I would like to take along my ipad.
      What are my options for charging the iPad in india as
      The ac voltage is different. Will my ac charger from USA work with
      Indian ac outlets?

      • Setu says:

        Yes. It will work. All mobile devices (laptops, mobile phones, cameras, tablets) etc. are required to have chargers which work worldwide. If you look at the specs on your iPad's charger, you will find that it accepts 110v-220v. All you will need is an Indian to US style pin socket which is available for pretty cheap at most electrical shops.

    • Satya says:

      I tried doing all setting with MTNL 3G prepaid sim but it is not working. IN-DOLPHIN 3G signed is displayed on top left corner but unable to browse on safari…..Can you email me further course.

  54. Piyanka says:

    Hi this is a basic question- I got the 3g BSNL prepaid sim in mumbai and I was told to wait for an SMS that would provide settings for 3g activation. So I got a message that said to visit the BSNL website .

    So I did an it's of no help absolutely. How the hell do I get thai card to work, do I send some message coz I was told it's not necessary and secondly if I receive the settings will they be for the phone that I use for sending the message or not.. Please help.. Thank you..!

    • anurag ashok says:

      THe SMS basically sends the APN and username. If you used he sim in a nokia phone before cutting it for iPad, then you would have been able to read it.

      All you need to ask BSNL guys are the APN and username / password (if any). Maybe you can find it in the website.

      • Piyanka says:

        Thanks I haven't cut the sim yet so I should be able to use it with a nokia phone. I hope this works..

      • shruti says:

        If I request my cousin in US to buy an ipad 2 3G in US and send it to me in india, is it necessary for him to register at the istore in US or I can directly register in india on recipt on the brand new ipad. That is he will just purchase and send.

        • Setu Garg says:

          I am not sure what registration you are referring to, as there is no registration required when you purchase an iPad 3G in US.

          If you are talking about registering for a 3G data plan, then you DO NOT need to do so in the US.

          Just ask your cousin to buy one for you and you can use it with any 3G enabled sim in India.

    • Setu Garg says:

      You need to recharge your number with a 3G data recharge voucher first. Once it is done use the following settings:




      Enable data roaming and restart the iPad. Give it a few minutes and you should be all set.

      Also, you can use the cut sim card with a nokia phone. Just insert it in the sim slot in such a way that the chip on the sim is in the same orientation (use the diagonal edge to align it).

      • Satya says:


        I tried doing all setting with MTNL 3G prepaid sim but it is not working. IN-DOLPHIN 3G signed is displayed on top left corner but unable to browse on safari…..Can you email me further course.

  55. anurag ashok says:

    If it doesnt, just ask the folks at BSNL to give you the APN and Username!! You should be fine.

    Happy paddin.

  56. Darshan says:

    If I buy Ipad from USA does it work in Indian Condition or I have to buy from India only?

  57. anurag ashok says:

    @DARSHAN, Yes, it does. iPad is not officially available in india

  58. Prateek says:

    If i buy an iPad from Apple reseller in US will the 3G work for me in India. If yes wats the difference between locked version and international version?

    How to check if this is Intrenational version or the jailbreak one.

  59. Seshadri N says:

    Hi Prateek all the ipads sold in the US and other countries are unlocked. You need not worry on that. Please check the availability of micro sim or else you would have to cut your simcard. Please go ahead and buy. It's worth the price.

  60. Lalatendu Das says:

    Hi All,

    I went to a Apple show room here in US to enquire about the 3G service outside US. Apple guys told any I-Pad(3G option) sold in US will not work outside network.

    This is because AT&T has some tie up with APPLE and Apple guys altered the firmware or may be h/w to be compatible with AT&T network only. πŸ™ I am not sure APPLE sales men talking some shit here or what to frighten ?

    So they told one has to jailbreak the I-PAD, or buya international version for other carrier to work fine….

    I am bit confused, Does anyone bought Ipad recently and without jail breaking he/she accessed 3G in india? (by cutting the SIM/ registering with BSNL prior to using in I-PAD.)

    I am afraid to jailbreak but it will screw the warranty that is the only concern… please advise…

    • tina says:

      That is what I was told as well. But the guys in the applestore don't really know since they haven't tried it abroad.The ipad does come with an AT&T chip that will not work in India.

      You DO NOT need to jailbreak your ipad. It works perfectly fine with a cropped chip as shown in this article and manually enter the APN, USERNAME AND PASSWORD which you will get from bsnl/mtnl customer care.

      • Chris says:

        For information, the AT&T SIM card of a US bought 3G+WiFi iPad should work in India as well, but at rates that are, ah, let's say, just slightly above market rates here…


        For that reason, I took out the AT&T SIM and put in an MTNL one shortly after its arrival in India.

        • anurag ashok says:

          The international roaming rates are something that kill your wallet faster than you can put money in it.. I cannot understand why they try to fleece people on international trips.

          Last year, I paid $1000 just because I wanted to use facebook and post some pictures I took !!

          These guys need to be regulated.

    • anurag ashok says:


      There are no jaibroken iPads. It is not required to Jailbreak it. You can safely and happily buy one in the States and use it here in India as I am doing.

      Happy paddin

  61. Umesh Shah says:

    I bought IPad in US and will be using in India. It has AT&T sim in it. On registration it was activated automatically. Now IPad is able to connect to few service providers (may be international roaming of AT&T card). if I use this connection for surfing or emailing, how much this will cost me?

  62. […] the Apple iPhone 4 and iPad also appear in the list of devices alongside iPhone 3G and 3GS. Neither iPhone 4 nor iPad has been […]

  63. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Thanks setu ,

    My ipad works with the setting you suggested

    You need to recharge your number with a 3G data recharge voucher first. Once it is done use the following settings:




    thanks a ton !

    but speed seems slow – may be 3G BSNL service in Kolkata is a issue.thanks again.

  64. Daksha says:

    Hi people

    I live in the uk and am coming over to india soon. I have an iPad 3G. Which is the best network to go with? I'm only coming over for 3 weeks.

  65. Daksha says:

    I will be in Mumbai and going to Gujarat.

    • Setu says:

      You can go with MTNL 3G. However, in case Airtel launches it's 3G network before you land here, you can go for that too. I am hoping that it will be much better than the govt. carriers, however, there might be some initial glitches that you might have to face. MTNL and BSNL have that advantage over other carriers as there 3G network has been there since some time now.

      • nls says:

        Let it be govt or private everybody uses the same 3G equipments and please don't underestimate govt services. The rates at which each services(telecom or others) provided to you are because of a govt company in every sector.

        • Setu Garg says:

          Its not about the equipment. Government carriers might be using better equipments than the private ones. Its about how efficiently and optimally they use them to deliver the best experience to the customer.

          But yes, I agree with you that due credit should be given to them for providing these services to Indian consumers at a much cheaper rate and pretty early than then rest of the private operators.

  66. himalayanna says:

    Hi, Can any one give me advice about getting a 3G SIM for my laptop in Goa? I will be there in a couple weeks and need a very good internet connection (is the 3G service fast there?) I have a 3G enable laptop from IBM, so I should just need the SIM. Is BSNL offering the best service? Is it easy to get a SIM there, or would Delhi be better? Any advice would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Setu Garg says:

      Data roaming is free within India. So you can get a SIM anywhere its easy for you to get one.

      And BSNL's 3G service is pretty fast almost throughout India. I have experienced fastest speeds in Delhi NCR. However, I have heard that its much faster in rural areas. I am sure Goa will have speeds at least comparable to Delhi.

      • himalayanna says:

        Thank you Setu,

        How can data roaming be free? I need to get a service providor….I think there is 1499 Rs. unlimited data plan for prepaid customers, valid for 30 days.

        Before I had a hard time getting a BSNL sim card (for my phone) in Dharamsala – do you think this will be different in Goa, or is it different with laptop SIMs? I just don't want to get all the way to Goa and find out I cannot get the 3G service. Anyone who knows about this, please let me know, thanks! πŸ™‚

      • Arun says:

        Hi setu i bought an iPad and brought it to India want to take a 3gservice with bsnl.I am not finding the slot to put the sim where is it?

        • Muneesh says:

          Do you have the iPad with 3G?
          Does it have a Black band in the back – right on the top?

          If yes, then there is a place to insert the SIM card – on the side on iPad.

          If no, then you have WiFi model – so no 3G connectivity is possible.


  67. sanjeev says:

    hiii guys…

    my brother is coming to india from switzerland in couple of days…..and he is bringing an ipad for me from there….all i want to know that can i use a 3G version of ipad imported to india from switzerland without jailbreaking it or i should switch to a wifi version only??
    reply me soon frnds..

  68. Roshi says:

    Hi all,

    Since the discussion is going on I wanted to ask the same question which has been answered already. I am planning to buy a US Ipad 3G version. Has anyone from the ealier posts have 100% confirmation about US Version of ipad's functioning properly in India. I don't wanna look like a fool after spending more than 600 bucks on the tablet. Otherwise I'll just buy a laptop.

    Also has anyone tried Galaxy Tab(Android based) in India yet?

    • Setu says:

      I have 100% confirmation that it will work. Please feel free to buy it from the US and use it in India. I have not tried the galaxy tab. So cannot comment on that.

  69. John says:

    Hi Guys, I read above comments about BSNL 3G card, but I have two questions:

    1. I bought MTNL 3G card in Delhi. How can I activate it? APN number??? username, password. etc..

    2. Does BSNL also come in a prepaid option? What is the refill charges?


  70. sanjeev says:

    can i activate and use ipad 3G without inserting micro sim in it?

  71. sanjeev says:

    hi setu……

    i want to ask that can i activate and use ipad 3G without inserting micro sim in it.

  72. anurag ashok says:

    I give up – these questions are getting repetitive!. Folks, before asking the same questions again and again, it would be prudent if you spent some time reading the thread before posting!

  73. Raj Kumar says:

    Thanks Setu for the your useful and insightful comments. I could activate roaming by the simple steps you have written in your mail. God bless you !

    Raj Kumar

  74. prasad says:

    Thanks a lot Setu,

    I used your suggestion and bsnl 3g is working pretty good/fast on ipad, just activate 3g service by sending sms and enter following-its great.




    thanks again

  75. Angelo Barboza says:

    I have a ipad 3G, if i cut and put the bsnl sim, do i need to jailbreak it or it comes unlocked. Since I had faced a problem earlier with my 3g Iphone

    you help is appreciated.

    • Setu says:

      The ipad comes unlocked. You don't need to jailbreak it to use it with your carrier.

      • Angelo Barboza says:

        Thanks for your reply.

        Can I also use Airtel sim for GPRS/Edeg services with ipad.

          • Angelo Barboza says:

            Thanks Setu,

          • Angelo Barboza says:

            Hello Setu,

            I have received my Ipad 3G now. what do you suggest can i buy airtel card crop it and use with GPRS services or should I go for BSNL card 3G.

            what is the setup procedure for Airtel cropped card?


          • Setu says:

            3G is much faster than GPRS. So if you want more speed, go for 3G.

            The APN settings for Airtel (Edge) will be:
            APN: airtelgprs.com

            You will have to subscribe to a data plan before you can use airtel's EDGE services.

          • Angelo says:

            Hello Setu,

            Since yesterday, I am not getting cellon word, only 3G symbol is there on my iPad top left. But I am getting 3G services.
            In place of cellon it shows ” no service ” on extreme top left.
            How do I solve this problem?


          • Setu Garg says:

            Sounds like a carrier issue. Does this also happen when you put the SIM in a phone? Also, did you download the new carrier settings for BSNL on iPad 3G? They might be causing this issue.

  76. sri says:

    hey , i ve got a nes 3g sim card for apple i pad n as u people hav suggested i entered bsnlnet in the apn settings and left usename n passworn coloumn blank and restarted the device. but i can see the words cellone E on the left top but my device doesnt seem to connect. please help me with a suggeston. i ve recharged with an FRC of 180 rs also.

    • Setu says:

      Restart your ipad. And then wait for few minutes. It should work.

    • Sai Kiran Vadhi says:

      Once check if your sim is activated for 3G services. If it is activated for 3G and you are getting 'cellone E' on the top left corner of your device then it means that you are not in a 3G enabled region. If you are sure that your region is 3G enabled then roam around in a radius of 1KM so that you may get the 3G services.

  77. Prasheen says:

    Hello – Please Please HELP!

    I have a phone number from Uttaranchal. I am currently in Kerala and I am not able to recharge from here because BSNL says they can only recharge for BSNL South! I want to recharge 274 (Unlimited GPRS – 30 days)

    I also have a balance of 500+rupees in my account right now.

    Is there any way to deduct 274 from my account and activate unlimited GPRS?

    (in south india you can send an sms with GPRS249 to 53733 and it works)

    I hope there is an sms i can send to activate for an uttaranchal number.

    THANK you for any help please!

    • Emilya says:

      Hi Prasheen,

      I had a similar problem last year – the only solution I found was to have a friend go and recharge my phone at a phone shop from the North- they just need the number and money to do the recharge, so you or the phone don't need to be there – do you have any friends from Uttaranchal that can go and do this for you? You can always use Western Union to send money around India, so if you're not going back up there again, you can send money that way. Or if you have the number of the shop you got the sim card from, you can try to contact them and ask them if you can send them money anyway (like using a courier, etc….)

      good luck!

  78. Setu says:

    I dont know anout the transfer, but you can always recharge online at portal.bsnl.in.

    • Prasheen says:

      Thanks for helping Setu.

      I didn't write here before exhausting all options I could think of. I already tried doing that to no avail.

      1. there are no provisions for inputting a specific amount like 274 for a recharge.

      2. I don't have an indian bank account! And you can't just pay with visa.

      Things just arent easy as they should be!

      • Setu says:

        The only thing that I can think of is approaching a local recharge shop (not BSNL offices). They usually have the option to recharge any carrier. They do it using their phones.

        Usually its an issue to find people who can recharge MTNL outside the 4 metros. But BSNL being a pan India operator, can (and should be) recharged from anywhere.

  79. Emilya says:

    anyone know what the right APN settings are in you are using the BNL 3G in Goa?



  80. Angelo Barboza says:

    Since yesterday, my iphone is getting a “helo” message on the screen continuously. I have to dismiss repeatedly. Has anyone got the same problem?. Kindly inform me if there is a solution to get rid of this problem.

  81. Emilya says:

    Am not able to connect to my VPN with the BSNL sim, but working fine will all other connections – does BSNL support VPN connections? If so, any ideas about why this is not working?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  82. Renjith says:

    I hav an iPad 3G with WiFi with AT&T micro sim. Now I’m n Qatar and planning to go to Kerala,INDIA next week. I have 2 questions. pls answer…

    1. Which type of sim card shall I use and who is good & cheap service provider?

    2. Can I use Ipad as a regular mobile phone to send sms and make & receive calls using this sim card?

    Advises are awaited..Thanks in Advance

    • Setu Garg says:

      1. You will need a micro sim card which is currently only available from Airtel. However, you can cut a normal sim to the size of a micro sim as described above and use it with iPad.
      BSNL is a pretty decent 3G provider. There are private players such as Tata Docomo, Reliance and Airtel which have started 3G services in some parts of India. Check their availability before you purchase.

      2. No.

  83. Swaroop says:

    As per recent rumors, the iPad (Gen1) is finally coming to India on January 28th 2011.

    I’d hate to say this but it’s a sick move from Apple when it’s going to release the iPad2 in less than 2-3 weeks.

  84. sanjeev says:

    hiii setu

    i want to ask that can i buy apple protection plan for my ipad in india…..i bought it from switzerland…..tell me something that how can i get service for my ipad india

  85. K.N.MADHAVAN NAIR says:

    I have an I Phone 8GB After charging with out using the mobile phone the battery get drain and show nil battery power Even I will be able to use a very short time all functions are found ok.
    Please sugguest to repair a company at kolkata.

  86. William says:

    I am at chennai and have an i pad, I would like to know which service provider provides internet connection. do help me out.

    • Setu says:

      In chennai, MTNL and Airtel offer 3G services.

      • william says:

        Thanks for your reply, i enquired with airtel and they told they dont have a connection for ipad yet, so it’ll be nice if i can meet someone using internet through ipad in cheenai. do you know any one?

        • Setu says:

          They do not officially have a plan for iPad. Only BSNL has one in India. But you can get their 3G sim and use it on your iPad. The APN is as follows:

          APN: airtelgprs.com

          Make sure you get the 3G service activated. I would suggest getting a prepaid sim with a starter pack first so that in case 3G doesn’t work (it should ideally), you can use it over EDGE and then get a BSNL 3G sim.

  87. Angelo says:

    Setu, I rebooted the iPad and now it is ok

  88. Anand krishnamurthy says:

    Can someone suggest the APN settings for the reliance 3G card for the iPad and iPhone.
    I just got the sim card today and need the APN settings


    Dr Anand Krishnamurthy

  89. PUSHP wadera says:

    Need mtnl prepaid setting for Delhi…..before updating I was using gprsppsdel but after updating iPad on 4.2.1. My 3G service go vanished help ….

  90. PUSHP wadera says:

    Need mtnl prepaid setting for Delhi…..before updating I was using gprsppsdel but after updating iPad on 4.2.1. My 3G service go vanished help ….

  91. Rupali says:

    Dear Setu

    I had bought ipad in US and using it with Airtel card (after cutting) in Delhi.It works perfectly in Delhi.

    My problem is whenever I go out of delhi it doesnt work and if I manually select the available network options it shows no network coverage! Do help me out as the airtel ppl simply say they don’t support Ipad issues.

    Thanks – Rupali

  92. kunal kapoor says:

    hi guys my name is kunal kapoor, i hve iphone 4 4g 4.2.1. 03.10.01 base band( locked by orange uk) plz help me how i unlock my iphone 4 4g waiting ur sugg… plz help

  93. Vineet says:

    I want to order the new iPad 2 WiFi+3G for use as discussed here.

    DEFAULT CARRIER CHOICE: Which one should I buy, the AT&T one or the Verizon one? Most of the time, I would be using Airtel or BSNL 3G.

    INTERNATIONAL ROAMING: what are my choices for data access when roaming internationally (US, Canada mostly).

    PAYMENT: I would be ordering online at the Apple store, and having it shipped to a US address.
    – Would they allow me to pay with an Indian Credit Card (tried buying something once long ago, it failed).
    – What should I do to be able to use iTunes without India restrictions?

    APPLECARE: At $79, does the apple protection plan make any sense for a device with no harddrive and no keyboard? What would possibly fail?

    This post and comments have been very useful. Thank you all!

    • Setu says:

      Buy the AT&T one. That’s the GSM model and will work with GSM carriers like Airtel, BSNL in India.

      Depends on whether you have international data roaming activated on your sim in India. Its usually very costly, so it is recommended that you get a local sim in the country you are visiting.

      You should be able to pay with an Indian credit card. Just give correct billing address. You won’t be able to specify the state and country correctly in the billing address, so just select any state in US. Once the payment goes through, it will be automatically changed to Austin, TX by the apple support team and your order will be processed.

      For applecare, you can go for it only if you think you really need it. Apple products are usually built with high standards and seldom go faulty.

  94. Royal says:

    I need to buy a ipad 2 from USA . will that work in India ? I need to use it with docomo 3g . please help

  95. Saurabh Pathak says:

    My friend is travelling to US this april. I want to know if he can buy iPad2 wifi+3g without any contract? I am in doubt because someone told me that you will have to sign contract if you are buying ipad2 3g version.
    Please reply.

  96. Gurpreet says:

    i bought the postpaid 3g bsnl sim (north east region )
    but still i cant surf net in my iphone 3gs
    cud smbody plz help me out
    thanks in adv

  97. Vishal says:

    I was planning on surprising my dad (in Mumbai) with the new ipad2 3g version. Problem is, I’m not sure what 3g services and prices are available for Mumbai and Thane location.
    is it as easy as signing up for a 3g plan with one of the providers (eg. vodafone, MTNL, BSNL) and they provide a 3g SIM (which u need to cut to make it a micro-sim), insert into the ipad2 and voila?

    can someone give me a rough estimate on prices per month for 3g service in Mumbai?

    Presently, i’m not sure if my dad has 3g on his mobile, he just has basic cell phone coverage. Just like the US, is it possible to sign up for personal hotspot 3g service if his phone and the provider support it? if yes, what models and providers support it?

    • Setu says:

      Yes, you can easily use any 3G provider’s sim in India with the iPad 3G. They are easy to get. All you need is some documentation.

      The price per month depends on your usage. A 500MB data plan will cost you around 300 rupees which will be valid for 30 days.

      If the phone has the portable hotspot feature, you should be able to use it in India as the carriers here do not usually charge extra for that service. Most won’t even know that such a feature exists on the phone :D.

  98. Vishal says:

    Thanks for your comments Setu
    I’m trying to decide between a wifi only iPad and a 3g+wifi iPad.

    My thought process is, instead of buying a 3g iPad, why not just get a cell phone that has a mobile hotspot feature so it can share it’s 3g connection.
    I know the blackberry’s do NOT have this feature until version 6.1 comes out.

    does anyone know if any model of android has this? if yes, some model #’s would be great.
    I’m in NY and yes, the iPhone 4 does have this feature.

  99. Acemi says:

    Hey frnds, need help!

    I am usin iPad 3G and recently bought a bsnl micro sim… I did a first recharge and the APN is set to bsnlnet yet I am not able to access net in 3G area.

    On the top left corner it does show good signal strength and beside to it 3G, but when I open safari it say ‘not supported’.

    When I first inserted the sim there was prompt for sending message to the provider and I did accept and later it reported an error.

    If someone has gone through this or knows a solution then plz do help.

  100. J Prasad says:

    I have bought a MTNL 3g post paid connection for iPAD. While being in NCR and Dehradun, it was working fine. Now, when I have taken it to Uttarakhand (Nainital), it is not getting connected-says Not connected. Cellone signal on top-left is coming full strength.
    Pls advise, if any setting needs to be changed. Have tried with both BSNL and MTNL settings. Roaming is On.
    Pls help.

  101. J Prasad says:

    I have a MTNL post paid 3g connection for Apple iPAD. While using in NCR and Dehradun, it was working fine. However, when I took it to Nainital-it has stopped working. I have tried it with both BSNL settings (APN) and MTNL. Roaming is On. Signal strength on top left is also almost full.
    Pls advise, if any other setting needs to be changed or if any other action need to be taken to get it started again.

    • Acemi says:

      I too had the same problem… Jus contact the service provider they will make the necessary changes…Try doing that, coz it helped me n I hope it will help u too

    • meenakrishnan says:

      iam meena call from cochin
      my ipad apn setting how to do active pl help me.

  102. Alan says:

    I am from Kerala. I used an idea prepaid card (with Rs.22 talktime) in my iPad 2 from US and it worked. I was able to use GPRS/EDGE to browse the net in safari. The APN was set to “internet”. Just one problem i faced, it did not work when I turned off “Data while Roaming ” setting. So using it with the setting turned on. Anyway, will try with 3G plan today. I was also able to insert the sim back to the phone .. cut the sim holder and made a clumsy but working adaptor. This is not much work…

    • Alan says:


      Used IDEA 3G on iPad2 successfully.
      Browsing speed seems slow. Youtube video, very fast. Speed test result: 1.2 Mbps down and 1.8 Mbps up.

      • Alan says:

        Kerala, Cochin.
        worked with TATA DOCOMO too. (EDGE).
        Fair speed, for great value (Rs.48 – 2GB pack(2G)). Can check mails easily, but need to wait for apps (below 20MB) and attachments.
        Speed Test: 110 Kbps down, 120 Kbps up
        Conectivity a little inconsistant, but fair enough.

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