iPad 2 coming to India soon?


Looks like iPad 2 is on its way to make a debut in India soon. If the following tweet from Vijay Sales is to be believed, the magical device will soon be available in India on the shelves of the electronics super store. No info on price though.

Ipad2 vijay sales india

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Swaroop says:

    They’ve confirmed it that they’re doing an official launch tomorrow. Sad to see the miserable state of iStore in India who’re clueless when the Apple partner brings out the iPad2 first.

    No Vijay Sales in Hyderabad to go and check out the price (they’re not disclosing the price on the internet). The prices will probably be out in a day or two when people start posting them on the internet.

    • Chirag says:

      As of now, they’ve removed all the tweets. Also, I believe iStores are not allowed to give any info out (as was Vijay Sales but they did).
      Croma people are stupid for sure though.

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