Apple dumps 1st generation iPad in India


Apple has proven yet again that it considers India as one of its dumping grounds for its old generation products. This time, they are dumping the infamous iPad in India (though at pretty reasonable prices).

Here is how the official pricing for iPad looks like in India:

WiFi WiFi + 3G
16GB Rs. 27,900 Rs. 34,900
32GB Rs. 32,900 Rs. 39,900
64GB Rs. 37,900 Rs. 44,900

State owned BSNL is offering 3G data plans for iPad in India. Here is what their pricing looks like:

Prepaid Plans:

Unlimited Monthly Plan Limited Monthly Plan Daily Plan
Price Rs. 999 Rs. 599 Rs. 99
Free Data Usage Unlimited 6 GB Unlimited
Validity 30 days 30 days 1 day
Data charges beyond free usage NA 1p/10Kb NA

BSNL is also bundling 1GB per month of free data for six months with new activations.

Postpaid Plan:

Unlimited Monthly Plan
Activation Charges Rs. 100
Monthly Charges Rs. 999
Free Data Usage Unlimited
Validity 30 days

Neat plans I must say. And if there is no FUP on the unlimited plans, one can actually use them on a data card! And I believe BSNL would not even know about it ;).

As I said above, the prices are pretty reasonable and very close to the US price. The iPad is available at all Apple resellers across India, in case you want to make a bad decision and buy it now when the iPad 2 is coming soon.

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One Response to this post

  1. Swaroop says:

    Prices as same as iPad1 which will sell at reduced prices after iPad2 comes out. This sucks big time.

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