All iPad 2 Rumors in One Place

If you’ve been thinking of buying an iPad since a few months, your biggest problem has to be the iPad 2. Everyone knows that sometimes Apple offers insane upgrades between two versions and this time it’s more than expected. iPhone 4 is already out with a much higher resolution screen and so many new features and obviously these features are supposed to trickle down to the next release of iPad as well.

So what exactly should you expect from iPad 2? We prepared a list so you can decide if it’s worth the wait.

  • Video Calling
    This one is coming for sure. iPhones, iPods, Macs all have FaceTime. Why should iPad stay behind?
  • Lighter, Sleeker Body
    Given Apple’s record with iPhones, iPods and Macbooks, we think that this will happen too.
  • Better Display
    Definitely yes. But will it have the Retina Display like the iPhone? The resolution will be too hot for the iPad Processor to handle. We expect it will be a higher resolution display but maybe not the Retina Display. Unless Apple redefines the term for the device of that size. According to the latest, it’s actually supposed to have a smudge-proof and reflection-free display.
  • Better Processor
    Maybe a dual core processor? I don’t think so. Definitely an upgrade but not that big an upgrade possibly.
  • 3-axis gyroscopes
    Certainly. Why not?
  • USB Ports
    Yes there are such rumors. Though it’ll be a great addition to transfer photos from your camera and data from other devices but we find it hard to believe.

Do you think these are enough reasons for you to wait?

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