Here is How You Can Edit Your Facebook Lookback Movie


So you loved your facebook lookback movie? But are there some photos or posts in there which you would rather replace with something else? Now you can. Facebook is letting you edit your lookback movie in a few clicks. And you don’t need to have any video editing skills in order to do that.

Head on to and you will see your current movie on top of the page followed by posts/photo options for the 3 sections of the movie. All you need to do is select/de-select based on your preference. Note that you cannot select more than the permitted number of items in each section. So, if you have reached the full selection limit, you need to de-select a few items in order to select new ones. Make sure to use the forward & backward buttons on the top right corner of each section to look at more posts or photos eligible for each section.

Once done, scroll up and click play. The movie should play with your new content (some content might load slowly). And if you want to share your edited movie, click on the share button on the top right of the page.


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