Facebook Completes 10 Years Today


Our beloved facebook is celebrating its 10th Anniversary today. The ubiquitous social network was launched 10 years ago from a Harvard dorm room.

To help its users celebrate this event, facebook team has come up with a personalized video feature which is unique to each users. Visiting https://www.facebook.com/lookback will show you the personalized video that has been created using your facebook data since you joined facebook. The video is rendered using an algorithm designed by the facebook team which supposedly picks your best moments and puts them together in a video like below:

Please note: In case you get a Page Not Found error on opening the above link, try again after a few minutes. Once you hit the URL, facebook will begin rendering your video and it should be available after a few minutes. Facebook is in the process of rolling out this feature in phases so as to avoid overloading its servers. But hitting the URL should speed up the process and your video should be available in a few minutes.

[via The Verge]

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