Videocon d2h launches India’s first 3D HD satellite TV set top box


Its only been a few weeks since TataSky induced the price war in the HD PVR space in India by launching a feature rich HD PVR set top box at a competitive price tag of INR 3990. Dish TV soon followed by adding 30 new HD channels to its offering, thereby giving a solid response to TataSky’s aggresive pricing campaign. If you thought all this was an indication that India is moving ahead in TV technology, you were wrong. Turns out, Videocon has gone a step further and launched their 3D enabled HD set top boxes in India. In addition to handling HD content, these boxes are also capable of handling 3D HD content. We barely have HD content in India, I do not think we will have 3D HD content anytime soon.

In any case, this is a welcome move by the consumers as they can be future ready with these set top boxes

The two models launched by Videocon are:

  • 3D HD DVR model priced at INR 3990
  • 3D HD model (without recording) priced at INR 2490

The DVR model offers 200 hours of recording in addition to the standard features like 1080i 16:9 picture & 5.1 Dolby Digital sound output.

Videocon currently has only one 3D channel and it belongs to Videocon. However, BCCI has announced that they will be beaming IPL semifinals and finals in 3D. This will probably ignite the 3D space in India, as the FIFA and Cricket world cup did for HD transmissions in India.

in addition to 3D content, Videocon has a decent HD offering – Movies NOW HD, Discovery HD, Active Music HD, d2h Movies HD. They also plan to add 30 more HD channels by June of this year.Something tells me that these so called 30 “HD” channels will be coming up with every HD DTH provider by that time.

What amazes me is a bizzare claim by Videocon that their set top box will enable users to enjoy “3D like” experience on normal TVs. I am not sure what a “3D like” experience is, but in my dictionary, its 3D or its not 3D. Plus, I do not know how they can ignore all the complex tech involved in a 3D TV to make such a ridiculous statement.

In any case, if you want to buy these set top boxes, you can call Videocon’s customer care at 022-42067575 to place your order.

[via tech2 & amitbhawani]

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  1. ramli7 says:

    1080i means HD ready. When they talk about 3D, it should have first Full HD.

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