Upgrading your TataSky set top box? Beware of their absurd warranty policy

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if you are planning to, or have upgraded your TataSky set top box, you should note that TataSky has an absurd warranty policy on up gradation. Instead of starting a new warranty on the new set top box you have purchased, they just continue the old box’s warranty on the new set top box as well. This means that if your old box’s warranty is expired, you will NOT get any warranty on the new box and TataSky will charge you for any repairs. However, if you are a new subscriber, you get 1 year warranty.┬áThis is totally absurd as you pay the same price as a new customer.

This is most likely a design flaw in TataSky’s billing system. The good news is that TataSky is one of the few service providers which listen to its customers and accept their mistakes. Although it took many phone calls and an online complaint, I could get my box’s warranty period fixed. In case you have upgraded your set top box in the past, call them up to make sure that your warranty period is what it should be. Although TataSky’s boxes generally do not break down, you never know when anything can go wrong with electronics. And in case you are planning to upgrade your box, make sure you ask them about this. If they get enough complaints about this, they will have to fix the issue in their system. Also, do not trust their agents. They are contract employees and will lie to your face to sell you stuff. Call their customer care center.

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