Things I Hate About Tata Sky [Rants]

I must tell you I don’t watch TV so often. It’s just a filler during lunch/dinner/other free time. But even in this little period of time, certain things about Tata Sky have managed to irritate me enough to write this rant.

  • Lack of a Programmable Remote

    The first Satellite TV service I got was Airtel. The bundled remote is programmable to control the basic functionality of your TV including Power, Volume, Mute and Input source. Having multiple remotes for operating your TV just feels primitive.

  • Default Advertisements Channel on Boot

    Every time I turn off Tata Sky box it forgets what channel I was watching. It shows the irritating advertisements channel. Aren’t we already paying them enough monthly?
    I know it’s not necessary to turn it off every time but I do it really often. I blame it on the separate remote.
  • Buggy Schedule and Info

    Even in my minimal usage I see the schedule screwed up quite often. Many a times I see wrong program info showing up. Maybe not everyone notices it but it definitely is a problem.

I’m not trying to convey that Tata Sky is bad. I actually like the quality and the user interface is much better compared to every other service I’ve used. The channel switching speed is pretty fast too. But I would love to know that they are working on fixing this annoyances.

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