TataSky Now Offering 10 HD Channels

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Last year, we informed you that TataSky is maxed out on its capacity of HD channels and that we should not expect any new HD channels from them until they get more transponder space or figure out a way to overcome the technical limitation. Turns out, they chose to go with the latter (as getting more transponders is not in their hands). TataSky is now offering 10 HD channels on its platform with Zee TV HD and Sony HD being the latests two additions.

Video and audiophiles claim that one of the things they did in order to squeeze the new channels is lower the bitrate of all the HD channels which in turn compromises the overall quality of the channel. I do agree with them, however, I believe it was a necessary step as the competition is heating up in this space. With airtel now offering 15 HD channels, many TataSky HD customers are planning to jump the ship. The only thing which is probably stopping them is the increased prices of the set top boxes. And as I always say, the competitors should do something to poach these customers. The competition can’t get any stiffer and everyone needs to be on their toes in order to survive.

I hope TataSky is doing its best to get rid of the technical limitation. One of the things I heard that they are doing is enabling vertical polarity on the transponders to increase their capacity. Apparently, this is why they started the mega drive to run two separate cables from the dish to all the HD+ boxes wherever they were installed with a splitter. Whatever be the case, they need to buckle up and work harder to fix this as soon as possible.

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