TataSky about to launch HD PVR (TataSky+ HD) in India


TataSky+ is a premium set top box (STB) from TataSky which enables users to record live TV and then watch it whenever they want. You can also fast forward commercials and those irritating emotional drama sequences in your favorite reality show.

Despite launching TataSky HD last year at a very competitive price, TataSky totally ignored its TataSky+ customers who were stuck with standard definition (SD) personal video recorders (PVRs). Launching of a HD PVR by Reliance Big TV also didn’t force them into getting in the game as switching DTH providers is still not very easy in India.

Finally, TataSky is gearing up to launch TataSky+ HD in India. Most TataSky+ users (including me) have been waiting for this since the last few months.

The HD PVR STB will have 500GB of hard disk to record HD content. No official details about ports and number of tuners,  but we think it will have a minimum of 1 HDMI, 1 optical or coaxial, 1 component, 1 USB port and at least 2 tuners.

Here is picture of the STB (from tech2):


And here is a leaked pic of the packing (from igyaan.in):


So all TataSky+ users should gear up  to enter the world of live HD TV. There is no word on the pricing or upgrade offers (if any), but stay tuned for any updates.

[via tech2 & igyaan.in]

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