Tata Sky+ launches three new features to compete with Airtel Digital TV PVR

In an attempt to compete with Airtel’s Digital TV PVR with remote recording functionality, TataSky+ has launched the following three features on it premium PVR set top box:

  • Video-on-Demand (VoD) service
  • Dual access remote recording
  • Auto standby

Video-on-Demand (VoD) service (they are calling it TVoD – True Video-on-Demand), automatically downloads 45 hours worth of content on your set top box which you can watch anytime. So, it is basically Recorded Video-on-Demand (RVoD). The videos are divided in categories Travel, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Food & Drink. This also means that the recording capability of your PVR will be reduced from the new 90 hours to the old 45 hours.

Dual access remote recording is a feature which will enable the users to record shows on their PVR from their mobile phone or on the web. Airtel’s latest Digital TV PVR already has the facility to record from mobile phone. This is a welcome feature as it will be much easier to schedule recording from a browser rather than the crappy guide on your TV. The Video on Demand feature is also based on this technology. They just schedule whatever videos they want to offer in VoD to be recorded on all users’ PVRs and then users can access them through a separate menu in the guide.

Auto standby feature does exactly what you think it does – it puts the PVR in standby mode after a certain time of inactivity.

All the above three features are value added services and are available free of cost to new and existing subscribers of TataSky+.

While these three features offer a touch competition to Airtel Digital TV PVR, Tata Sky+ is still behind Airtel as it does not have a HDMI port (HD broadcast ready) or a universal remote, both of which are offered by Airtel.

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4 Responses to this post

  1. Manish says:

    It's a shame that Tata is taking so long to launch a STB with HDMI output even though most urban households have now switched to hdmi compatible flat screen tvs. They already have the technology on hand with Sky as a partner. Wonder what they are waiting for?

  2. […] in April, TataSky+ launched 3 new features to compete with rival Airtel’s digital TV recorder. One of the features was dual access remote […]

  3. sunny says:

    Dear customers,

    Please do not buy Airtel digital TV recorder. The recorder does not work properly and have so many hidden flaws and policy, customer service is also pathetic.
    Go for Reliance Bug tv recorder, it works perfectly and their service is also cheaper and good.

    If you don’t believe, then search the term “recorder not working in airtel digital tv” on Google, you will find the answers!

    – A Frustrated Airtel DTV Customer

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