Government Allows Transponder Capacity Hiring from Foreign Satellite Operators to Meet the Growing Demand for HD Channels in India


In order to enable broadcasting companies offer more channels in India, the Government has decided to allow transponder capacity hiring from foreign satellite operator for broadcasters facing shortage of transponders on Indian satellites. TataSky is one such operator which is facing shortage of transponder capacity due to which they are unable to launch more HD channels on their platform.

DTH companies in India are not allowed to hire transponder space from foreign satellite operators without government’s approval. This is causing old players like TataSky to fall short of high capacity transponders capable of carrying HD channels thus making it difficult for them to compete with the new operators which have new transponders with much higher capacity and higher number of HD channels on their platform.

India is amidst a HD revolution and moves like this by the government are welcome by the consumers. This move should heat up the competition in the arena and offer much more choice to the consumers.

[via ET]

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