New version of Gmail for iPhone

Google has launched a new version of Gmail for the iPhone. This new more Ajaxy version utilizes the HTML5 library in the latest Safari browser in 2.2.1 firmware. The new features are:

  1. Faster interface
  2. Offline support
  3. Cool floaty bar (a hot bar which appears when you select a message)
  4. Improved labels


According to the Google mobile blog:

All this is achieved with aggressive caching and by leveraging new browser technologies, like HTML5 and Gears. The full impact of this new architecture isn’t visible yet, but it will enable us to significantly improve performance and quickly roll out new features in the near future. We’re really excited about the potential impact this change can bring – so excited, in fact, that our VP of Engineering, Vic Gundotra, shared the news and demoed these new capabilities at the February 2009 GSMA Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona and last week at Web 2.0 in San Francisco.

The new interface is available for Android and iPhones with firmware >= 2.2.1. Other users will be redirected to the old interface. Currently, it is supported in English only. Google is rolling out this in phases, so in case its still not available for you, check back later.

[Via Google Mobile Blog]

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2 Responses to this post

  1. muhammad says:

    hi setu,i ave some question on how to install yahoo messenger to my iphone 2 g with 2.2 firmware???and which the right app for receiving email instantly for my iphone 2g??and for yahoo messenger ,can i still get notice(ring,vibrate) when some one type instant message to me??thanks setu…

  2. Setu says:

    @muhammad –

    Yahoo! messenger is available for the iPhone:

    You need to have a push enabled email service (like Microsoft Exchange) to receive instant emails.

    The push notification service is not available yet. So you will NOT be able to receive IMs if you exit the messenger app.

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