Google Street View Could Soon Be Real In India

We’ve cited the Google Street View cars in various major cities in India before. Now we’ve recently captured them going around the streets of Hyderabad. Here’re some pictures up close. From what we hear, they’re running this operation right from Maharashtra (MH license plates).

Google-Street-View-Cards-Hyderabad-India-1 Google-Street-View-Cards-Hyderabad-India-3


Capturing the data is just a phase to get Street View, there will be tons of post processing like blurring out faces, license plates and intelligent image stitching involved after the images are collected. It’s not the first time these cars must have covered the streets of Hyderabad, as they’ve captured WiFi related information before for WiFi triangulation – works perfectly at my home (even after re-location – they must do this often).

Not sure if they noticed me clicking these pictures, but the Scorpio stopped for a while and they drove away from the street (I am hoping I didn’t offend them, it’s not like they’ve not been captured on camera before).

I am guessing, Google would need to do a lot more than auto face blurring algorithms to clean out data in India, they don’t want to see people spitting/peeing/staring on the cameras. Yeah we’re not proud of it, but shit happens.

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3 Responses to this post

  1. Yogesh says:

    Capturing these streeview data through a perfect camera would be the best source to get maximum information required for making a better maps. Once the perfect SV is available, you can fetch road types, road priorities, house number, street numbers, etc., easily but many of the streets in Hyderabad have no street boards !!!!How would Google Maps teams proceed with that?

    • Swaroop says:

      If there are no road names/numbers for the congested streets in India they will remain unlabeled. You’ll still be able to browse the data like how we do it in Google Maps right now.

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