Google launches music search service in India


Google India has launched a music search service for India. The service indexes online music sites serving Indian music (yes, that’s Bollywood music) and you can search for any song and listen to it online for free!

The index contains songs from sites like,, and The service has been launched under the labs umbrella.


Google is not hosting any of the music here. They are just indexing it and making it easily searchable. So instead of going through several sites and navigating through tons of pages to find what you want to listen to, just type the album, artist or song name in the search field and Google will find it for you! You can then listen to the song within your browser provided you have Adobe Flash plugin installed (so no iPhone and iPad support). It is extremely simple and very intuitive.


The service is totally free. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, enjoy all the music you can at

[via Google India Blog]

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  1. Vinni says:

    I guess you can only buffer one song at a time.. there is no concept of playlist as of now! 🙁

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