Google Chrome OS Announced: First Thoughts

Now that Google has publicly announced the development of a Web OS, so that all the folks with really old icky hardware and the very sleek net books would benefit out of this.

This is what Google OS all about

Google Chrome OS is being created for people who spend most of their time on the web, and is being designed to power computers ranging from small net books to full-size desktop systems.

What this means to us ?

  • We get to use age old hardware, because all we need is a browser. Of course we’d have to wait and see what kind of optimization Google comes up with.
    We get to use Google’s good/non-evil data centre to store our data, run our applications.
  • We also need not worry about viruses/security as there’d be an Google angels hovering over the data centers. **cough** Okay I made that up, but it’s true – It has more to do with their software architecture of having a thin client and Google redesigning from the basics of the OS.
  • And of course the best of all put together – Computers get better with speed, are secure & are accessible every where.

What this could mean in the near future ?

  • Good Apps support – As all web apps just need a web browser to run.
  • Most of the laptops coming bundled with this by next year.
  • Bad things happening to M$’s Vicious 7. (*cough* – Windows 7).
  • Greener Earth (Data centers powered by Solar power – green energy).

We at woikr are ofcourse eager to try it out. And we hope it’d be named “Open OS” for once.

[Via – Google Blog]

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Janice says:

    Chrome OS is sort of a very basic operating system based on Linux. i wish that google make an operating system just like Windows XP that would compete with Microsoft

  2. Pinoytechy says:

    i tried Chrome OS and it is pretty much like a scaled down version of Ubuntu. Chrome is just based on Linux and there is not much innovation in it.

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