Gmail Labs: Undo Send


A new feature has been added to Gmail labs. This one lets you undo send. It basically means that if you pressed the send button too soon, you can save the day by doing an undo.

The feature has been developed by Yuzo Fujishima, an engineer in the Google’s Tokyo office. The feature basically delays your email for 5 seconds. So, you need to be pretty fast in identifying that you screwed up. Once the email is sent (after 5 seconds), you cannot undo it. Also, the feature makes sure that your email is sent in case your browser crashes in those 5 seconds.


I remember such incidents happening to me many times when I hit the send button and immediately realize that I forgot to attach the file or I sent it to the wrong person altogether! This feature will come as a life saver for such situations.

[Via Official Gmail Blog]

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