Gmail is (finally) out of beta!


In what can be called as a very radical move, Google announced today that its pulling off the “beta” label from its Google Apps products including Gmail.

Gmail has been in beta since over more than 5 years now. There have been many speculations & debates around this topic and people have always wondered when will Gmail come out of beta. Well, the wait is over.

This is a huge move for Google. The beta label have always prohibited many organizations to make the shift to Google Apps even though they know that it offers a much better way to help us work. Companies always buy out of beta, final products. So, in case anything goes wrong, they have someone to hold accountable for, even if it was their fault in the first place. They now have no reason to fear moving to Google Apps.

The next time you log into your Gmail account, you won’t see the cute little familiar beta label in the logo. However, if you feel nostalgic (like me), you can turn on the newly launched “Back to Beta” labs feature which will use the good old beta logo for your account :).


[via Official Google, Gmail blog]

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