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Google has tuned up its Picasa web albums service to make it faster. This is great as I always get frustrated when an image takes forever to load from a web based album. That is why I usually keep my photos on my desktop. However, this nifty upgrade has changed things.

Now when you watch a slideshow in Picasa web albums, you will notice that the photos load much faster. There is no lag when the images are being loaded. The engineers optimized the service so that even large images load faster. So, even if you are watching a slideshow in full screen mode, you won’t have to wait !

Here’s an excerpt from the official Google blog:

We chose to show large images, the very biggest we can fit into your browser window. If you open up a slideshow or full-screen view, we can fill your entire monitor. But it wasn’t snappy enough for us, so we had a choice to make: either use smaller images, make the Internet faster, or make our code smarter. We think large images are important, because seeing a photo’s little details can make a big difference, and as much as we wanted to, making the whole Internet faster was a little impractical in the short term. So we went deep into the code and gave it a thorough tune-up.

Go, give it a try!

[via Official Google Blog]

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  1. C.K.SREENIVAS says:

    I have been using Picasa album format for some time and I am very satisfied with the results. i am happy with the downloads and am glad that the feature has been improved.

    I get photoes from my daughters from US and I share all their memorable photoes

    and Ifeel I am much closer to them . Thank U picasa

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