Call phones from Gmail


Gmail has the most advanced webmail chat client. It supports voice and video chat with other Gmail chat users if both parties have mic and webcam.

Starting today, Gmail users in the US have the ability to call phone numbers right from within Gmail. They can use their computer’s mic and speakers to talk to the person they are calling.

Apparently, calls to US and Canada numbers will be free until this year’s end. Calling to other countries is also pretty cheap at close to 2 cents per minute.

Google is rolling out this feature to all its US based users slowly. So it might take some time before this is enabled in your account. Once it is available, you will see a “Call phone” option in your chat list, clicking on which will pop up a keypad using which you can call any phone number.


Here is a nice video they have made to debut the feature:

[via Official Gmail Blog]

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6 Responses to this post

  1. manjit kaur says:

    hi my name is manjit kaur and i have a question to call other country do we have to pay first wat we have to do

    please tell me

    Thank You

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  4. mehran says:

    i had a few calls today via gmail phone call they heard my voice but i had not their voice whats the problem and wht should i do?

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