Zynga Launches Prepaid Game Cards In India

Zynga India

We heard before that Zynga is all set to target the 1 billion (and increasing) Indian population and is exploring new payment options. Looks like they have finally settled on one. Reportedly, Zynga’s Game cards will start selling in 6 countries across Asia namely, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

The payment system will be handled by MOL, a company from Malaysia that is already popular in over 75 countries and has partnerships in India with payment channels like ItzCash and ccAvenue.

If you still don’t know about Zynga, they are the creators of popular social network games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars and CityVille. They have over 320 million registered users and have been valued at over $5 billion, leaving behind Electronic Arts. Zynga’s games have always been popular on social networks like Facebook and MySpace but since some time they have had native iPhone and iPad apps. The games are free to play but virtual merchandise can be bought for real money from within the game.

Now these prepaid game cards will make it easier for the players to boost their scores and beat their friends by buying fancy merchandise.

PS: All this Zynga related news has built up my interest. Does anyone know any Zynga game that I can play without feeling lame?

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