Unreal Engine 3 comes to Android: Dungeon Defenders

Trendy Entertainment has launched the first game based on Unreal Engine 3 on Android. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is without doubt the best display of graphics available on Android as of now. The gameplay sounds interesting too. It’s basically an Action RPG with some elements of Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy. Check the trailer ahead. If you like it, and your phone passes the requirements given ahead, you can buy it for $2.99 from the Android Market.

Basic Requirements:

  • Android 2.1 Eclair
  • 800 Mhz CPU or greater recommended
  • 512 MB RAM
  • GPU capable of OpenGL ES 2.0
  • SD card with at least 400 MB free storage

Specifically Tested Devices:

  • All Tegra 2 Based Devices: Fully Compatible
  • Nexus S: Fully Compatible
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: Fully Compatible
  • Samsung Galaxy based Cell Phones: Fully Compatible on all with 100 MB RAM free
  • Droid 2: Fully Compatible
  • Droid X: Fully Compatible
  • HTC Evo 4G: Fully Compatible
  • HTC Incredible: Fully Compatible
  • myTouch 4G: Mostly compatible, have some occasional stability issue
  • T-Mobile G2: Fully compatible
  • Dell Streak: Fully compatible
  • HTC Desire: Fully compatible
  • Nexus One: Fully compatible

[via The Android Soul]

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