Tips : How to play a Tactical Shooter game

Most of the things going to be discussed here are common for any tactical multiplayer shooting game.

I am going to emphasize more on the team strategy approach which isn’t pretty obvious to know.

I’ll site examples from the game Counter Strike, which is one of the most popular first person shooters out there. And I’ll be referring to people using carbines as carbiners and to dragunov for any telescoping guns.

The Team Work

When there are two or more teams pitting against each other, then the team needs to figure out a few things first.

Team completeness

This includes identifying the right mix of players to compliment each other.
A simple example would be a mix of sharp shooters and a carbiners. Where the former can take out targets in one shot and the later can provide cover from moving targets. But this is again an example, for closed/indoor maps all carbiners would not be necessary.

Team Strategy

The last man standing strategy
Many a time one will be left alone and the opposite team is well stocked up (healthy and with ammo), then one could take up different strategy

To win
If the win is dependent on you, that is when a task is left to be completed then it’s very important to check if the perimeter is clear and to identify the right spot (in case an explosive needs to be planted). Then hiding and keeping a watch such that the bomb can’t be defused in time is very important.

For example, if you are a sharp shooter using a dragunov – then planting in an open area is always advised, such that a long shot can be taken. And if you are a carbiner then hiding close to the bomb is the best way to convert the game into a win.

If this is a team death match then taking cover and confronting from the sides is advised. Giving up the position is the worst mistake people normally do. Some professional players play real patient here. They wait till they can see all the remaining players and the position themselves and their shots accordingly.

To draw :
In this case people generally fall back/camp. I would never suggest this as it’s fun to always be active in the game. But this is a good idea if playing as a part of a professional championship.

The accuracy, shooting skills
Attaining proficiency in using at least one primary weapon is very much required.
Carbiners:These are for those who prefer to be on the move. And would love to attack in bulk. Telescopic shooting: these guns requires a lot of patience to practice. You’ve got one shot. If u miss that then the return fire may get u. So it’s very important to get it right the first time.

Neither ? Then what’s right for me?
The choice of guns vary. Much depend on the maps. And the comfort level. I personally prefer telescopic guns as it gives me a single shot single kill power. I admire the power of a dragunov sniper.

I learnt all this, now where do I start ?
The best place to start practicing is on public servers. Get yourself an original copy of the game as it makes online play legal and easy. Remember not to camp while you are learning, it’ll only result in abuses from co team mates too.

Boring but very important ethics.

  • Never team kill
  • Never flash your team mates
  • Always stick to team strategy
  • Never spray on dead corpses
  • Take the win/loss like a gamer
  • Appreciate good gamers, triple check before accusing some one for cheating.

I want more tips, give me more !

  • Get a life already and start gaming !
  • Watch professional players play in demos.
  • Practice spam shoot.
  • Know the map too well.
  • Know your team mates positions so that timely back up can be sent.

I already know all this, what’s the big deal ?
Frankly, nothing. I’d like to hear from you professional gamers out there on more gaming tactics.

I’d like to write on these concepts in detail, with video demos – how many of you gamers would like this ?

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12 Responses to this post

  1. vivek says:

    Nice 😛 !!!! Loved it !

  2. Swaroop says:


    Thanks for your feedback. Let us know if you want any of these things in detail 🙂

  3. Bipin says:

    Good Show!!

  4. Swaroop says:


    Thanks, stay tuned !

  5. AtuM says:

    I m no 'PRO' still i wud luv to share wht i learnt eventually while on CS.

    Apart from swaroop's comments a few additions on the CS 'cmd' settings that u would find people generally playin' with —

    1. Vertical Sync off — would increase ur FPS to ~70-72 which normally is ~60; result is no cut-off on images etc

    2. FPS_MAX 101 — if ur system accepts the vertical sync off, this would take ur FPS to ~100, normal p4 and above pc's without graphics card can easily run under it.

    3. HUD_Fastswitch 1 — u don't have to click-on to switch weapons

    4. Developer 1 — results in FPS ~200, results in super smooth motion but Login @Secured servers is banned.

    discussion on tactics wud require some images etc to b posted by visitors, is it possible here ??

    there is no end to CS!!

    Long live CS players :^)

  6. Swaroop says:


    Thanks for your addition. I'd like to cover more of these settings, commands and optimizing play for multiplayer gaming in another post. 🙂

    And regarding posting other strategies, you can use the trackback link to link back here in case you post on your own blog.

  7. Karan says:

    I am a dumb gamer when it comes to non-flash and console games. Another good way of playing it would be to hire Abhinav Bindra!!

  8. ConsoleJocks - //THE source for professional video gaming, competitive gaming tournaments & events and eSports// says:

    […] Tactical tips at – woikr […]

  9. sonicx059 says:

    I liked it since this is the only one i could get off of google. I would like to make a tactic manual for my clan but not all the fps i play get very tatical digital paintball 2 ( The next time you make another guide or some more tactics i would be happy if u sent me a link or email them to me. Always eager to learn a way to beat the pros.

  10. Swaroop says:


    We'll do more such 'tips', stay tuned by using our RSS feed.

  11. Ravi says:

    Hey Swaroop, this now makes sense to me after I have started playing…

  12. Swaroop says:


    Yes, Although i tried to put generic things in this guide. Most of the tactics and screens were borrowed from CS 1.6

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