Review: Aqua Jigsaw [iPhone Games]

I was introduced to the concept of jigsaw puzzles when my aunt gifted a “kitten-in-a-basket” puzzle to me long back. It was a great new experience for me. A game that was fun, mentally challenging and above all helped me prove to my friends, how stupid they were. So, when I downloaded my review copy of Aqua Jigsaw I was expecting a similar experience.

Aqua Jigsaw, being true to its name, is a jigsaw puzzle game based on aquatic life. It allows you to create puzzles from pictures in categories like fishes, aquatic life and aquatic plants. If you get  bored of all the aquatic life you can use one of the wallpapers in your iPhone or just take a picture and use it. The game allows you to choose the shape of puzzle pieces from rectangle or the standard jigsaw puzzle shape and modify the size of each piece.

IMG_0005 IMG_0001 IMG_0006 IMG_0003

What I liked

  • Lots of aquatic pictures to choose from. Also the option to choose your own pictures makes the puzzle images practically unlimited.
  • Excellent implementation. The blocks have a slight pull from a distance so that you don’t need to align till the last pixel.
  • Load/resume works perfectly. Great for quick puzzle solving sessions on the way.
  • Soothing background sea soundtrack. It needs improvements though (See the ‘did not like list’)

What I didn’t like

  • The UI lags a bit while dragging the pieces.
  • Soundtrack should have more tracks. And, PLEASE eliminate the glass shattering sound (noise?) when an image is broken into puzzle pieces.


If you like solving Jigsaw puzzles, this is a great game for quick on-the-go time pass. It needs improvements but they can be addressed via software updates. The $1.99 price tag may seem a tad high but if you consider it’s excellent implementation, compared to other app store jigsaw puzzle apps, it’s actually quite decent.

Aqua Jigsaw is brought to you by 99games and can be purchased here for $1.99.
Thanks to
99games for the review copy!

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  2. 99Games says:

    Hey Chirag,

    Thank you for that excellent review of Aqua Jigsaw!! Glad you enjoyed the game. We will keep in mind the suggestions you made, in case we decide to come out with an update. Do check out our other games as well, they are as fun!!


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