GTA IV The Lost and Damned TV Glitch


There seems to be a glitch in the proximity sensing algorithm in the latest episode of GTA IV. The Lost and Damned was released on the Xbox Live marketplace on 17th Feb 2009 just as promised by Rockstar. The DLC is doing good all over the world and has received pretty good reviews from almost all the gaming sites.

This is more of a LOL situation rather than a glitch. When you are in the Lost’s clubhouse, go to the roof and go near the TV antenna. There is a spot near the antenna which is just above the TV room on the floor below. Now the proximity algorithm senses that you are within TV’s range and hence gives you an option to watch the TV:


This is what you get on screen when you opt to watch the TV. Clearly, the game shows you a weird screen which it calculated based on your current position and angle from the TV:


When you stop watching TV, you find yourself magically appear n the TV room in front on the TV:


PS: We mean no offense to the creators of this game. We believe that a lot of hard work has gone down in building what can be called as the best game on the planet right now and we thank Rockstar and all the people in the GTA IV and TLOD team for creating it.

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2 Responses to this post

  1. Swaroop says:

    Looks like you found an Easter egg.

  2. ANTHOLOGY says:

    Doesnt seem to work after you beat the game. 🙁

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