Fastest graphics card in history – NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800

A powerful graphic’s card is any gamer’s best wish, of course coupled with the right games to stress it to the extreme. NVIDIA took a huge leap in this race to create the most powerful graphics card in history with this release of NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 (I am optimistic to see more before I get pwned).

Ofcourse, this graphics card isn’t aimed at us gamers. It’s aimed at more serious stuff. Here’s what NVIDIA claims this is for

The Quadro® FX 5800 ultra-high-end solution gives geophysicists, designers, scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals visual supercomputing from their desktops. Professional applications take advantage of the advanced feature set of the Quadro FX 5800, including 4GB of frame buffer, providing professionals with the right set of tools to deliver results that push visualization beyond traditional 3D.

Thanks to these high end graphics,

  • We get to see awesome animated movies and get to say, “Yay, can run Crysis now”
  • The scientists can get to simulate complex molecular collisions and stuff.
  • Engineers and other technical professionals get to make complex graphical calculations like 4D modelling and all, to give us the next gen cars too.

And guess what, couple 4 of these and you get “Quadro Plex 2100 S4”, an out of this world Visual Computing System. You and me get to wait till we get to use these for our gaming though. [This baby isn’t coming cheap at 3500 USD per piece, it ensures only the serious fellows get to use it]

[Via – NVIDIA, Engadget]

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