Ever Imagined An 8-Bit Halo? [NEStalgia]

While it’s no Super Mario Bros, Halo is arguably one of the most popular games of all time. Did you ever wonder how it would look if it was launched on the 8-Bit NES consoles (Nintendo Entertainment System) along with likes of Mario, Zelda and Contra?┬áThe guys at Pixel Force have done exactly that. Video and official description ahead.

Pixel Force: Halo continues the 8-bit de-make series Eric Ruth Games started this year. Through battling the Covenant in this 2D side-scroller, the player will find a multitude of weapons and vehicles from the original Bungie created series. Master Chief platform hops his way through each mission, guided by Cortana and uses 8 directional shooting in a Contra-esque game play style.

My favorite part: the monophonic rendition of the Halo theme in the end of the video.

Pixel Force: Halo will be available for free download for PCs.

[Pikimal via Tech2]

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