EA Kills Mirror’s Edge

Mirror's Edge

In a sad sad news, EA has announced that Mirror’s Edge 2 has been cancelled. EA said that the game’s in-development prototype wasn’t upto the mark and anyway the original didn’t have sales or reviews good enough to make sure a sequel will happen.

Mirror’s Edge was one of the few really innovative takes on the first person genre. The player got to control Faith who was supposed to run over buildings, jumping between rooftops, running across walls and going in places where no normal people go. It was a inspired by all the parkours and free-running videos on YouTube. The best part was that it was done with realistic camera angles that make you feel the action. You could sense the momentum, the jumps, the falls and even the thuds.

While it wasn’t a franchise for everyone, it definitely was one of the most innovative games I played. And despite it’s flaws, it was one of my all-time favorites.

[via Tech2]

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