Braid is now available on PC! [Video Games]


Great news for all you PC gamers. Braid, earlier an Xbox Live exclusive, is now available on PC (Windows only).

If you are a gamer and have been living in a cave, Braid is last year’s super hit  indie game that won everyone’s  heart with it’s ingenious puzzles, art style and music. As described by the creator, Jonathan Blow, “Braid is a platform game in a paintery style where you manipulate the flow of time  to solve puzzles”.

Take our word for it, the game is an amazing, mind-bending experience. Gamer or not, you must own and play it. The game is a $15 download away from Steam or various other websites mentioned in the official announcement.

If you’re still in doubt, download the demo from Impulse and prepare to be amazed.

[via – Official Braid blog]

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