Angry Birds Are Coming To a Windows PC Near You

Rovio mobile just released Angry Birds through the Intel’s AppUp store for Windows PCs and Netbooks.

Well, if you’re some one who has never played Angry Birds on your iPhone/iOS devices before – this is a perfect opportunity for you. Believe me, this is one 5$ best spent. Hurry up and grab it now before they bump the price to 10$.


I thought this game might need a graphics card to run well, but I see reviews from people playing it on net books too and the response seems good.

I’ve always liked the concept of online stores. It’s totally old school to carry around game CDs in this decade. That is where iOS worked out well for the users, developers and Apple.

Intel AppUp seems to be doing a good job in bringing the big titles for the Windows operating system.

[Via TheNextWeb]

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