An Obsessed computer gamer..

In most parts of the world people have bad views regarding gaming.

This is a post to explain why we still game and stay thrilled.

For most people the love of video gaming starts quite early. I count myself in here as I started to game more than 15 years ago. Those were the days of 8 and 16 bit gaming.

Super Mario brothers
Super Mario brothers

We’d feel a constant need to beat and perfect our earlier score. All we had to do was to understand the pattern the computer plays (we call this artificial intelligence). Those were the days of single player gaming.

All was fine till the 32 bit games came into existence. This was the generation where gaming went from a side track sport, to a full blown career field as such.

So many professional gamers out there.. a few examples are zex, SK Gaming etc. We now have huge world-wide events with competing gamers, each training for months for the games.

The mysteries behind this huge gaming population, are plenty to count, the few major ones are

  • The power of Multi-player gaming
  • Deeper penetration of computer hardware.
  • Better and Challenging games.

This post I’d like to emphasize how the multi player gaming takes the whole gaming to a new standard of perfection.

The beauty of Counter Strike – facts, why we like it

Counter Strike is one of an example where people play the roles of a Terrorist and Counter-Terrorists and play as a team to defeat one another. The thing that keeps this game ticking till now although this game was released more than 10 years back is, its concept of team play, coordination and the best amongst these would be an amazing optimization. So in run time, we can see, hear through radio, and radio back our positions giving it a full life experience on what it is to be on a tactical mission.

The Role Playing Games, which became popular, thanks to Microsoft’s very own Age of Empires game, where each player is given a kingdom to start with and develop. Then each player chooses allies and enemies and coordinate to defeat the other. Owning to the popularity in this, we now have Mass Multiplayer RPG, where people take part in thousands and participate in the same game.

Adult gaming is well frowned upon by other elders, But ESA, says

“The average game player is 35 years old and has been playing games for 13 years.”

So, counting myself in, we adult gamers have another reason to enjoy and say that we proud to be obsessive gamers.

Now that you wrote all that.. what about the big question ?

Would you suggest kids to game ?

Yes, but being obsessive might not be that good if you are not going to choose gaming as a professional career. !

Super Mario brothers is a registered trademark of Nintendo.

Lead image – Boy on Computer – by Michael Macsuga.

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  1. Amritash says:

    Thumbs Up Woikr team..u caught the gaming nerve with this..

    Game is on :))

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